The Easiest Way to Start Ecommerce: Shopify

Shopify has soon become a popular infrastructure. Shopify has more than 500,000 e-commerce sites, and this number is growing rapidly. With packages starting from $ 29 a month, Shopify offers a cheaper solution than a local foreign-paid e-commerce infrastructure.

There are free open source e-commerce platforms that you can use, but there is little technical knowledge to install and use these platforms. You may also need a software specialist to develop open source playforms. This will increase costs.

When we consider the server rental fee you need to run open source codes and the SSL certificate you will get for secure trading, Shopify is actually cheaper. Shopify gets commissions from sales and this rate is between 0.5% and %2 according to the plan you choose.

You can start with Shopify and grow your business until you earn a good income from your site. You can then switch to a top package to suit your needs, or switch to Shopify Plus infrastructure that Shopify offers for large e-commerce sites. Once you have established your ecommerce business, you can seek for a multitude of shipping solutions online or you can directly Go Here.

The easiest way to open an e-commerce site

If you have some technical knowledge, you can implement other e-commerce packages within one day, but with Shopify easy interface, it can easily reduce the time to watches.

If you’re writing blogs, you’ll quickly adapt to Shopify if you’re familiar with the platform, such as WordPress. The Shopify panel is very similar to the WordPress panel. Even the blog infrastructure is ready, and you don’t need to install WordPress.

You can also add promotional articles about your products into your e-commerce site. So you can attract more customers by blending rich content with your online store to increase organic traffic.

If you plan to do e-commerce with drop-shipping, Shopify will provide you with the fastest and most useful drop shipping infrastructure with the application of Oberlo.

No need to deal with hosting and server

Shopify is a cloud-based service and doesn’t need a server. So you also don’t need to rent or install a server. This not only reduces costs but also saves you from operations such as server installation and management.

Search engine optimization is now very important to open web pages quickly. Shopify is pretty good about speed. As a performance e-commerce store needs any server support provides Shopify.

Thanks to the mobile compatible admin panel, you can easily monitor your sales and inventory from your mobile phone when you are not at work.

This is also an advantage in search engine ranking, SSL is instantly active in the domain you have linked to Shopify.

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