Better SEO Optimization For Your Own Product Pages

SEO optimization refers to the entirety of all measures that have the goal of making a website appear higher in the organic results of search engines. Organic search results can be used to differentiate between search engine advertising (SEA), which is controlled by Google, for example, through AdWords.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO Optimization

Keywords can also consist of several terms, in this case one speaks in SEO optimization of long tail keywords. The importance of long tail keywords is growing continuously. Among other things, because in many general keywords and search terms, the competition is now very high. As the saying goes, small cattle can also make a mess, which is better in any case, than to bet on virtually futile keywords from the outset.

In General, Technical SEO Is An Important Aspect Of SEO Optimization

It has the primary goal of improving the Google ranking. Google has a market share of almost 90 percent as of February 2018 in the european online search, so it makes sense to focus the optimizations primarily on the search engine Google websites.

Concretely, technical SEO Optimization means designing the technology on your own website in such a way that search engines do not obstruct crawlers in the analysis of the website and the algorithms then optimally evaluate and rank them. In terms of server configuration, source code, and operating systems, technical SEO addresses topics such as mobile optimization, page speed, page architecture, security, switching to HTTPS, linking, and crawling and indexing status.

SEO Optimization

User Moves Into Focus

Modern SEO differs from classic strategies in that it is tailored to the user, not just the search engine. User experience and user intent are becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization. A look at major Updates highlights the profound changes in search engine optimization over the last few years.

The success of a search engine depends on whether it can deliver a search result corresponding to the intention of the user for the respective search query. Against this background, it is not surprising that the searcher’s reaction to the hit played out is also given increasing importance in the algorithms.


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