How To Develop A Full-Funnel PPC Advertising Strategy

How do you structure a PPC advertising strategy? Basically, we always proceed individually with regard to the projects. The concepts are tailored to the needs and possibilities of the customer. First, you have to carry out an analysis of the current situation of existing advertising, if they are available. In this way, you determine existing or wasted potential in the PPC advertising strategy carried out so far. With the help of these analyzes, you can work deeply into the topic of the customer and develop an understanding of their business area, products as well as target groups. In this way, you ensure that campaigns are controlled in a targeted manner later, wastage is avoided and high-quality or correct advertising is achieved.

Strategy Development

In the next step, you have to manage the objectives in detail with the customer. It is important that the pay-per-click marketing you carry out fits and seamlessly into the overall concept, for example into a content marketing strategy. Thanks to the precise agreement, the customer is also always aware of which steps you are taking. In this way you guarantee transparency. In addition, the customer benefits from the expertise in strategy development.

Once the management has been completed, the campaigns are set up according to practice and monitoring initiated. The set-up takes place on the basis of the previously carried out analysis. Based on the insights gained, it is possible to direct the advertising to the target groups and thus to keep the wastage low from the outset. Through continuous monitoring and targeted campaigns, cost guzzlers are quickly identified and eliminated. In this way you achieve the possible cost-benefit ratio for your customers PPC strategy.

After the advertising is over, customers receive a report. The performance provides data about which forms work great or are most effective. This approach pays off particularly with ongoing campaigns, as the strategy can be continuously optimized here. Customers not only receive support for existing campaigns, but also regularly make suggestions for further measures based on the latest developments in PPC marketing. This is how you ensure that your customers can keep up with the competition in the rapid pace of change in PPC marketing.

PPC advertising strategy

PPC advertising strategy

Which Factors Are Relevant?

As a matter of principle, refraining from defining the effort and scope of a PPC strategy across the board. Your experience shows that there are many of different factors in marketing that have a decisive influence on the shape of the strategy and the required budget. These include:

  • The competitive environment
  • Increase in inquiries, sales
  • Your existing budget
  • The advertising measures carried out so far
  • Other advertising measures that may run in parallel

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Sales And An Increase In Own Brand Awareness With PPC

PPC advertising is a great model in Internet marketing, based on the approach that the advertiser pays an amount each time one of their advertisements is clicked.

A PPC Campaign Is An Extremely Effective Advertising Strategy

If you intend to get more customers in the shortest possible time. This is the best way to get qualified clicks on your website, which will most likely become actual customers. PPC stands for paid advertising, which is billed not by impressions but by clicks. This has the advantage for the advertiser that only costs are incurred when actually a user action was triggered, the mere fade of the ad, however, costs nothing. PPC advertising is thus also within the scope of small advertising budgets possible and financially quite well calculable.

Pay-Per-Click Statistics to Guide

The creative and interesting content of your own ad texts for click stimulation is of particular importance here in order to counteract this effect. In general, although the click frequency will be lower than a well-placed normal search engine results entry, the quality of the visitors will often increase, because if they are really interested, they will not care if they show it or not, rather the fast will come to the goal. So there is a good chance that paid advertising generates fewer visitors than a comparably good “normal” entry, but higher conversion rates.

PPC advertising

Sales With Pay Per Click

In addition to this base, however, the monitoring and analysis of click and conversion rates as well as the constant adaptation and optimization of campaigns are also part of it. Not a sorcery, but a science in its own right, which needs some experience, so that campaigns bring maximum cost possible maximum success, and there are even strategies on how PPC marketing can fully refinance.


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PPC Advertising Is An Ideal Form Of Advertising For Your Online Business

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is by far the most successful advertising model on the Internet today. Although there are many similarities between search engine optimization and the booking of PPC advertising when viewed superficially, both marketing measures differ considerably from one another. The most obvious difference for the user is that the PPC ads are marked as advertisements and are highlighted in color. From the point of view of the online marketer, however, the fact that AdWords advertising is paid per click is the most important difference to search engine optimization.

In Search Engine Marketing, The Pay-Per-Click Billing Model Works As Follows:

The search engine provides advertising spaces, which are also marked as advertisements. These advertising spaces can be booked by advertising companies. However, as only limited advertising space is available, the principle of the highest bidder applies here. The more an advertiser wants to pay for a click, the more advantageous the ad is placed in the search result display.

The user enters something into the search input field and gets a result display matching his searched keyword. It contains both organic search results and commercial ads. The user thus receives target group – specific advertising impressions, so – called ad impressions. But for the mere insertion of advertising itself, the advertising company has to pay nothing. Only with a successful click are costs due pay per click. How to reach a user if and only if he shows interest in the offer? Whether or not the customer buys in the end, however, it is irrelevant to CPC. It only counts that he has reached the advertiser’s website via the advertising material.

PPC Advertising

Reasons For Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

-You only pay if a user really perceived your advertising material and consciously clicked on it.

-You reach a target group that is very affine for your product or service.

-You significantly increase the range of your products.


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Recommendations For Low PPC Advertising Budget

You can use different digital platforms to promote your e-commerce site. Of course, you need to have a certain budget when creating advertising campaigns on these platforms. This can be quite difficult, especially for new initiatives or small initiatives; because they need to prepare these advertising campaigns with low budgets. However, there are some ways to get advantageous from this situation. Managing your existing ad budget well and optimizing your PPC ads correctly will help you get effective results from your advertising campaigns, even with low budgets.

Prioritize Your Goals

When you create advertising campaigns, you need to determine which goals you want to focus on and a priority list of those goals. In this way, you can determine which goals you will create and how much budget you will allocate to these campaigns.

  • To create brand awareness,
  • Creating a product or brand demand,
  • Increase site traffic,
  • Redirect to sales,
  • Forwarding to communication channels,
  • You can set different goals and prioritize them.

Would you like to benefit from the Pay Per Click Management service?

Prepare location-oriented ads

It will be very useful to target your campaigns to specific locations in order to get higher returns from your ads. Rather than showing ads across the country, it’s a more efficient way to give ads to your site than most traffic and recycling locations. For this, you can target your ads to these regions by identifying the cities and locations where you’re taking the most traffic through Google Analytics.

Determining the display times of ads

Choosing to show your ads only in certain time periods will also help you better manage your PPC advertising budget. On Google Adwords, you can choose which times of the day your ads appear. With this feature, consumers can often test their search or search time periods and show your ads only during this time, so you can keep your ads running longer.

Only ads for phone calls

You can provide ads for phone calls to enable consumers to contact you and communicate directly with them to influence their purchasing decisions.

If phone calls are an important sales channel for you, preparing an ad campaign that will highlight your call center will help you get more recycling.

Search for keywords with high volume but low competition

When creating a campaign with low budgets, it is very difficult to focus on generic and competitive keywords. This way, you can consume the budget in a very short time. Instead, it has a certain search volume; however, your focus on low-competitive keywords will help you better manage your advertising budgets. At the same time, you can start to attract traffic through keyword groups that are not directed by competitors.

Use negative keywords

Be sure to include negative keyword usage in your AdWords campaigns in order for your ads to respond to more relevant search queries. Negative keywords enable your ads to respond to more relevant search results in search queries, preventing your ads from showing on search queries that aren’t relevant to your ad. In this way, you can improve the performance and recycling of your ads.

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