Get New Customers With PPC Advertising Strategies

There are several ways to attract attention on the internet, but not all work equally well for your website or products. Many companies that were previously only successful offline want to take the step into the online world to be even more successful. They then come to the agency and want to advertise online. Some have already familiarized themselves with the subject in advance, others have had nothing to do with online so far.

Pay Per Click Advertising As A Marketing Tool

In virtually every marketing plan, advertising budgets are planned. Of particular interest here are the online forms of advertising that can be traced in print, in contrast to the contact details for thousands of contact persons. And here is the pay – per – click ads with an incomparable combination of efficiency and costs. Then the advertisement can be used as a scout to your own page or to your own webshop. After all, the costs are only incurred when a prospective customer clicks on the ad and deliberately decides to visit the linked page.

Especially at the beginning of campaigns, the use of ads on social networks, on Google or on appropriate topic pages can be useful to bring traffic to specific pages – which in turn has relevance for the SEO ranking. The ads then serve as a kind of “startup funding” for the campaign.

Pay-Per-Click is a payroll model that is common in online marketing and bills performance per click page view. You only pay if your text ads, paid search ads or other advertising material are actually clicked. The billing is not for the impression itself. This model is particularly interesting for smaller companies: With this form of advertising, you can also use a low marketing budget to place effective advertising on well-known portals, social networks and search engines.

PPC Advertising Strategies

The two factors that determine which ads are shown are the highest bid and quality Score. Quality Score is determined by several factors:

Relevance of Viewing Rights: This means that your ad should talk about the product you offer. Quality of your landing page (parts of the website to which you redirect your visitors) should be relevant and well-designed.

CTR: Basically, this means that the more users click on your ad, the better it gets classified because Google recognizes that it’s useful to users. Historical Account Performance: This is an advanced algorithm that takes into account multiple account-based factors, but not like the factors listed above. The Score directly affects your costs – a higher Quality Score means you pay less for each click.


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