Misconceptions About PPC Advertising

We love PPC advertising. There is nothing better than opening a good campaign and calculating the ROI neatly with a little pride. But do the feelings obscure the clear view? Because far too many PPC campaigns fail before they begin. There must be reasons for that! Is it too high expectations that make a romance with PPC impossible or is it due to the disadvantages of the pay-per click method? Today we look at the biggest misunderstandings of PPC advertising;

The work with the calculator has already brought so many entrepreneurs to disillusionment. If you spend a lot of money on PPC advertising, you want something in return. Tracking options allow you to determine exactly how many users who came to you via an advertisement have subsequently shopped with you. This is the cost per conversion or the CPA (cost per acquisition).

In Fact, It Does Not Matter If Your CPA Is Above Your Conversion

This view neglects the great strength of your eCommerce: Who counts as monocausal, forgets the customer lifetime value: Satisfied customers are coming back. They remember without advertising measures  to your great service and order even more frequently with you. Even if some users have not bought anything after clicking on the ad – they may have bought their store and are just waiting for the right offer.

When companies start using PPC advertising, they tend to be highly motivated and downright euphoric about their first successes. Over time, the euphoria ebbs away. Other projects and challenges are coming. The PPC campaign will then continue on autopilot. This is an awful shame! Because with creative, fresh ideas and a little bit of passion, SEA can do real miracles. There is hardly any other advertising channel that benefits so much from creative approaches.

Particularly Effective Are SEA Campaigns That Are Constantly Evolving

We open up a new target group. For this we set up an ad group that draws our chosen customers to your online shop. Some users buy one or two products, sign up for your newsletter or browse through your special offers. Instead of stopping satisfied, we will call these new customers back a few days or weeks later. Maybe they need accessories for their new treasures or are interested in other products.


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