Optimising Your Images To Rank Well In The Search Engines

No matter how high quality the content on a website may be and we rely on this in optimising. Image optimization is still a very important fact in search engine so that pages achieve a higher rank. Search engines love pages with images, just like users. In order to enjoy more hits from optimized images, there are a few things you need to consider.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can optimize your images in order to achieve higher placements and increase traffic. A prerequisite is, however, that no CDN is activated, because then the page cannot benefit from optimization.

What Is The Reason For Images?

Does your image communicate or at least tell a story? An image spices up everything so that it can attract the readership. Search engines even allow searchers to search explicitly for images.

Using optimized images can be a boon, especially for smaller websites. The reason for this is that smaller websites and newer SEO campaigns lack many unique sales from a perspective – especially at the beginning, as many other competitors are way ahead in the process. In order to achieve a higher ranking, you have to be more resourceful in terms of innovations. And optimising images is one of those methods that has been underestimated for many years.


Use An Appropriate Picture

Does your picture reflect the content of your post? Making inappropriate choices will confuse your users and increase the bounce rate from your post. Search engines are also clever enough to determine if your image is not your content. In addition, the visibility with devices as well as the quality and a good image are of important for success.

Choosing A Unique Image

Do not just use images that you purchase online. The use of stock images may not help your page search engine optimization: such pictures have already become the regular images for many websites. Think of the many companies where you can recognize the same photo over and over – a smiling lady with a headset for example. An real image has a great impact on search engine optimization because they love unique images that cannot be found anywhere else!

Search Engines Will Rate Your Page Lower If You Use The Wrong Compression

Imagine you load an image and it looks like you have to wait forever in your browser or smartphone. Since search engines recognize the loading time of a page, it takes the file size of an image into account when ranking.

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