Aspects That Marketers Should Pay Attention To In 2019

How can we address our customers individually? When and where can we reach our users in the best possible way? Do we satisfy the wishes of our target group? When planning for the New Year, these questions remain to be answered.

Fill The Customer Dialogue With Valuable And Relevant Content

Social media is attracting more and more users. The social channels are therefore the best way to attract new customers and strengthen brand awareness. So it’s not surprising that companies are providing more and more budget for social media marketing. Social media is constantly reinventing itself and offering more and more opportunities for interaction. The largest social network Facebook, despite its data scandal, will remain relevant to the older generations. And Instagram will increasingly gain in attractiveness beyond these target groups, especially for the younger users.

Using Smart Tools

Artificial intelligences spread and slowly penetrate into all areas of life. Be it robots, software or smart devices: Companies equip themselves with intelligent features and promise users to simplify their everyday lives significantly. Also in marketing trends, the potential of AI is immense. However, as the BVDW study on the business relevance of artificial intelligence shows, KI’s potential is not fully exploited in marketing or other areas of the company. Smart features will take on bothersome and repetitive tasks, giving marketers more time for more demanding tasks. AI will only be a closing technology for marketing trends when marketers learn how to turn trends into innovations.

Marketing Trends

To Create Excellent Customer Experiences, You Need A 360-Degree View Of Customer Behavior

Digital experience platforms make it possible to intelligently manage and evaluate customer data so that it can also be transformed into added value for the user – from a corporate as well as a customer perspective. Because they are a meeting place for all parties involved (customers, partners, employees) , and that is only possible with a true integration of all marketing, sales and service systems.


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