How To Handle With Facebook Or Instagram Management?

Instagram or Facebook are a social network only for trendy fashion brands, food bloggers, teenagers and selfies? Under no circumstance! Depending on the objective, they can also be the ideal communication  for public authorities. In our opinion, this is especially true for cities and municipalities. But many public administration executives are not yet on when it comes to social media. What makes the image network so interesting and how you can use it as an ideal management?

Successful Management Leads To New Opportunities

With social media management on Facebook and manage Instagram, new opportunities for marketing are opened up for companies. It has never been so easy to precisely define the target group with just a few clicks of the mouse and achieve it with tailor-made advertisements. Thereby, Facebook and Instagram offer many other possibilities in marketing.

Here Are Some Offered  Services That You Can Follow

Concept development: You can develop your advertising concept for Instagram or Facebook from buyer personas through campaigns to details such as pictures, messages, hashtags. And if you also use other social media channels, you can let services vote for it.

Manage Instagram

Advertising account: If not already existing, set up an advertising account and implement campaigns independently – clearly arranged and comprehensible, so that you also always have the overview.

Choice of advertising formats: pictures or videos? You have to know which form of advertising is best for which campaign objectives and then choose it. Optimization: Monitor your campaigns and improve them continuously. Analysis: Evaluate the campaigns (reporting) and create analyzes.

Above all, the young generation manage Instagram – and very intense. If you want to appeal to young people with your brand, Instagram is almost a must. In addition, you can use so-called lookalike audiences to address new prospects who resemble existing customers. If you’re one of those IG users who’s wondering with such things like can you see what people liked on instagram, it’s actually possible with the help of services which can be found online.

Multiplication Effect

Influencers from all over the world are bustling with Instagram on Facebook. When you post content relevant to those influencers, you win them for yourself. So you also benefit from their fan bases.

Attractiveness: If your  message fits well in pictures, Instagram is the ideal network. Advertising just looks good here.

Easy to use: Managing the Instagram profiles Рincluding budgeting and targeting  is easily possible through the Facebook Business Manager by linking to Facebook.


Your ad is located directly in the user’s picture or story stream, it pops up while scrolling or playing the stories in between. As a result, they are  of course integrated. High commitment: Social media managers users are very committed. Companies that advertise here get a lot of feedback.

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