Using Instagram Management For Company Success

Over 60% of users inform themselves on social platforms before buying a product. More than 25% shop online at least once a week. Celebrities and influencers had an influence on buying behavior for around 20% of those surveyed. The question of whether a company should use social media platform for its success does not arise. But if you start the Instagram management hazardly, post a picture every now and then out of necessity, and do not interact with your target, it can quickly become frustrating. Time and maybe money are wasted.


With a business account, the account management is expanded by 1 link, this is active and leads to the respective page in the app. As a company, however, it is mandatory to provide an imprint. Social platforms are no exception. So our precious space for self-promotion would be wasted by referring to the imprint.

Contact Option

Here you have the option of entering a phone number. The user can thus seek contact and interact with the company.


Text Formatting And Emojis

You create the biography on an account. Unfortunately, the app offers very little freedom for text formatting, even a line break can be a challenge. Using emojis can be very beneficial in a targeted manner. Messages can be underlined and provide incentives to read the text. Instagram doesn’t offer any fonts to stand out. By using external tools, however, it is possible to use other fonts, simply copy the line and then paste it back into the profile.

How Does Instagram Benefit Businesses?

Instagram is a visual platform. New functions have been gradually introduced and interfaces have been created between the platforms. Instagram is gradually serving the needs of companies and advertisers and now enables not only the placement of ads but also the complete integration of online shops. Products can be marked on the post and sold in the app.

Despite the possibilities offered, it is not a sure-fire success to drive sales to record highs. The integration of Instagram into your own corporate requires a lot of time and patience, and often money. However, if a company is ready to use the potential with preparation and a clear strategy, it will make a good contribution to success. In addition to advertisements in newspapers, advertising posters and advertising, social media accounts are other points of contact between people and brands – so-called touchpoints.

Often one can only speculate whether a customer lets himself be tempted to buy by a poster or tells his friends and acquaintances about it. Likewise, whether the advertising budget was used sensibly and thus could be achieved. A well-founded statement about the success of a campaign or the marketing of a company is difficult or impossible to make.

What Can Instagram Do For Businesses?

Target group: With the help of the insights, a variety of target relevant data can be derived. Age, gender, online times of followers, interactions with posts and content, behavior in stories and much more.

If you combine these findings with those of existing customers, the opinions of employees, friends and family, you get important building blocks for the creation of your business. Training and the social environment are also considered. As a company, the preparation enables to create and publish targeted content, added value and solutions for them.

Awareness Of Your Own Brand

Whether sole proprietorship, local provider, start-up or large corporation: the knowledge of the company’s goals, problems of customers that can solve with products and the right management tools to spread message are therefore in this phase of great importance.

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