What Is Google Ads Quality Score?

Various aspects are commonly associated with the term quality score. In Google Ads quality score, it is understood as an actual value at the keyword level as well as a promise of a component within the ad auction. Within the ad auction, a good quality score is seen as a means for lower click prices and better ad positions and thus offers a competitive chance.

We deal exclusively with the quality score as it can be displayed in the Google Ads quality interface, the value at the keyword level. It can be shown in the column selection of the keyword level and then returns a value between 1 and 10 for each keyword with a sufficient information.

Why Are We Interested In The Quality Score?

The quality score at keyword level estimates the quality of the keyword, ad and landing page and thus provides an indication of the account. This estimate is intended to enable advertisers to identify vulnerabilities.

The Following Components Have A Concrete Influence On The Quality Score

The ad relevance shows how pronounced the connection is between the user’s search query and the ad. The expected CTR shows how likely it is that users will click the ad. The user experience with the landing page shows how well users can find their way around the stored URL. The rule for this are transparency, user-friendliness and relevance.

Google Ads

These can be displayed using the columns at keyword level. Here, however, there is no numerical scale, but data in the forms below and above average. For each ad auction, the expected CTR, the user experience with the landing page and the ad relevance to the requested keyword are determined anew. The progress values ​​that can be viewed in the account can provide data about where there is potential for improvement. However, they have no influence on the respective scores.

Update The User Experience With The Landing Page

Unfortunately, the chances are often limited at this point. Apart from details, it is essential to ensure that suitable landing pages are stored that match the ad and thus also the search query. It would be extremely frustrating for the user if he had to search for the desired product on the landing page, which was already shown in the ad.

The URL must also match the ad. If a download is requested in the advertisement, it should be possible to download it from the landing page. So that the user don’t feel lost after the click, it also makes sense to pick up the tone of the landing page in the ad. This point plays a role in the design of the ads.

If you are interested in testing the optimization of your ads on the search results page, since the position has been removed, you can use the columns to get data about where your own ads can be seen. It is also always interesting to see how your own ads are performing against the competition. Competitive measures such as the % of possible impressions in the search help. These key figures should always play a role for bidding, as they show how well or how badly individual keywords are already doing.

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Google Ads: Pros and Cons

Google Ads is one of the most important ways to bring action to your server! With the help of Google Ads you can reach users who are regularly looking for products and providers. That means that you can reach potential customers of your target!

Google Ads offers us the opportunity to a constant flow of visitors to our customers pages with a stake of just a few clicks per day. Since we can draw the attention of other customers to a company in this way, Ads is the right complement to other marketing campaigns. The three biggest advantages of Ads are;

  • A long range
  • Predictable and controllable costs as well
  • A flexible use

However, there are certain risks with Google Ads. For example, there is no way to stand out from the competition – all ads look the same. In addition, there is a risk that too broad a keyword selection will generate people who are not interested in their own company and the corresponding products. For this reason, careful planning and above all, ongoing optimization are necessary in order not to spend unnecessary money on clicks with Ads.

Google Ads

Cons Of Google Ads

  • Complex tool, it is quite time-consuming
  • Incorrect use, it leads to high costs with little benefit
  • Limited reach

One disadvantage is that this kind of advertisement cannot advertise unknown products. Because it is the user who searches and he cannot search for a product that he does not yet know.

At the same cost, we can reach significantly more people with a campaign than with conventional means such as calls, letters or advertisements. Although it is not guaranteed that the interest of the people reached in your company is as great as, for example, the use of Google Ads is worthwhile due to the low costs. Visitors who are currently not interested in your company can still be of use to you, by recommending your products or sharing certain content online.

Experts usually recommend that the customers combine various marketing measures. Often, the people who find your ad somewhere else are not the same as those who see your ad on Google. An advertisement in a print helps you to increase your awareness and thus to win more customers in the long term. While typical marketing measures have a long-term effect, Google Ads is short-term. Results are immediately apparent, but your potential customers hardly remember you. The possibilities with Google Ads are increasing and Google is constantly developing it.

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