3 SEO Tools That Help You To Optimize Your Website Advertising

SEO tools are the basis for search engine optimization and help you to make a well-founded analysis of your website. Based on the data and evaluations, you can determine the current state and potential for improvement and optimize your pages to achieve better rankings.

Here we show you the best free SEO tools to help you successfully analyze and optimize your website. The presented tools will help you to position your website efficiently and sustainably on search engines, to discover potential for improvement and to keep an overview.

The Microdata Generator Tool

Microdata helps Google correctly classify the content and orientation of a page by identifying specific information and by saying something about the element described. In addition, they can greatly enhance the display of their own search hit on the search results pages. The Microdata Generator tool converts the entered company data into an HTML code, which you only have to integrate into your own pages.


How does Google  look like your website? Browseo is a so-called “SEO Browser” that allows you to view your website from the perspective of a search engine crawler. Ideal for an SEO check. The basic presentation of the page without any styles will give you a much more realistic picture of the actual content of your website, so that you can, for example, recognize hidden texts or check the ALT texts of your pictures. A special feature of the SEO tool is the differentiated highlighting of links, with the help of which the internal, external and no follow links can be displayed quickly and easily.

SEO tools

Search Console

The Google Search Console gives you detailed insights into how Google perceives your site and where there is room for improvement or problems. The evaluation is done “over-time” – so you can retroactively follow the development of your website for any period of time. This will give you detailed analysis of crawl errors, current indexing status, search queries, search terms, traffic, backlinks, as well as providing Google with a sitemap of the current page structure. The Search Console should always be used for every website.


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