Goals To Reach Successful Facebook Advertising

A Facebook company account is important for startups in order to widely distribute their products, offers and content. Advertisements also give companies the chance to acquire new customers quickly and without a large advertising budget.

First Goal Is Brand Awareness

It is advisable to advertise your own Facebook page first, of course, you should note that enough content is regularly provided on the Facebook page to quickly build a fan forum. To do this, select the brand awareness option in the left column. Once you have a lot of fans, this increases the trustworthiness of your brand. At the same time, your reach increases. This refers to the number of people who can be reached through postings without a Facebook ad.


Since the display of advertisements on Facebook on the various advertising spaces is based on bids that are in competition with other advertisers, you are asked to submit your own bid. It is advisable to keep the basic setting here, as Facebook optimizes the bids based on the target set at the beginning.

The advertisement can now be booked by clicking on place order. After a certain period of review, which can take a few seconds to 1 day, the campaign goes online. In the campaign view that you can see afterwards, you can still adjust the name of the ad in order to maintain the structure mentioned at the beginning. Additional advertisements or campaigns can now be placed with create advertisements for campaign.

Highlight Post

In order to achieve the perfect possible success with your ad in the end, you have to design your ad and adapt it again and again. On Facebook you have many possibilities and chances that can be used sensibly. In this way, you can align the content with your target and transfer feelings. In the case of an advertised product, it makes sense to arouse the desire of the user. So find reasons why the user should definitely have your product. For this it is not only important to create a suitable picture, but also to form an appealing text. Facebook can help small and large companies acquire new customers. Thanks to the detailed analysis, you can evaluate how successful your advertisement is and, if necessary, make updates. The advertising costs always remain in the advertising budget you have set.

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How to Foolproof Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Mistakes happen – no question about it. That’s not a problem either. However, we see the following errors in Facebook advertising strategy over and over again. The good thing is, you can learn from them and avoid them. Here are some fundamental Facebook advertising strategy mistakes that you should avoid in your campaigns.

You Are Using The Apply Function On Your Fan Page

You have put so much effort into the contribution on your own page. You have put all your heart and soul into this post, written the best text and added the most appealing picture. Apply for a post seems like a good idea at first. After all, Facebook says you can reach more people with it. Yes, you can actually promote your posts with this post-boost. At least in theory. In practice, however, you shouldn’t do that. At least not with this function. If you choose this tool, you will have considerably fewer settings than in the normal ad manager. For example, you can only determine your target group very imprecisely or you can not set a manual bid for your campaign.

You Only Create A Single Ad

Do you suppose you already know your goal viewers inside of out? You certainly comprehend exactly what will go down good along with your goal crew? Is that why you’re most effective creating a single ad in your crusade? This one ad will go through the roof. After which it grew to become out another way. Other ads carried out better than the one we’d hoped for so much. When designing your commercials, you must continually take the situation and create specific variations. Even on a small scale, A / B’s are fundamental for the success of a campaign.

Facebook Advertising

You Are Not Using Appropriate Ad Images

The newsfeed on Facebook is a shark tank. There is a real battle for user attention. There is a simple step to draw users’ attention to you and your ads: use appealing ad images. Too often we see ads with boring pictures or bland stock pictures on our feed. Do you think that will knock people off their feet? I do not think so. Attractive and meaningful ad images are essential for the success of your campaign.

You Leave Your Campaign Alone

Campaigning on Facebook is like having children. You mustn’t leave them alone. Check back into your ad manager at intervals and review the results. Because most campaigns have a kind of expiry date. From this point on, the performance steadily decreases. And you should definitely avoid that. If the click-through rates of your ads should decrease, you should design new ads and add them to your campaign.

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Facebook Advertising – Advantages & Disadvantages

Since common media advertising continues to benefit from a growing number of users, many companies now see it as an efficient tool. It even goes so far that some of them are relocating their regular presence to networks and creating a Facebook advertising for their company so that they can only be active there. But is that really a well considered move? In the following, we will deal with the question of which means of advertising are better suited for companies and which advantages and disadvantages a Facebook page offers companies in contrast to their own advertising.

Facebook advertising offers the most advantages to companies when they are used for community building and marketing. They are well suited for advertising  with the user and conversely, they have the opportunity to come into close contact with a company. This makes companies more transparent for users and allows them to be closer to them. They can also present themselves well using the short the advertising tool. However, a Facebook presence is sometimes less suitable for advertising. Contributions and postings that seem too spamy to users can quickly scare them off again.

Comprehensive Settings

From interests to job titles of target persons, almost everything can be filtered on Facebook. The plan of an advertising is partially specified, but can be individually configured using branding and your own image. The ads are linked to the Facebook page and website, so that there is immediate interaction between the company and the customer if required.

Facebook advertising

Benefits Of Facebook Ads

  • Campaigns are easy to track
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Lots of targeting options
  • The ability to reach people early in the buying period before they are aware of their needs

Disadvantages Of Facebook Ads

  • If set up and looked after incorrectly, money is quickly burned
  • Depending on your target, Facebook advertising can also be irrelevant
  • Reaching users too early in the buying cycle could potentially reduce your conversion rate

Facebook offers many arguments that speak in favor that content from small and medium sized companies can actually be successfully placed there and thus have a very good influence on users and customers. However, those who value stronger branding and product data cannot avoid creating a company website. It is therefore good if you rely on a successful combination of marketing tools in order to cover the target as broadly as possible.

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How To Attract New Customers With Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads can be very profitable and deliver a large amount of high quality traffic when properly targeted. Facebook advertising opens up a variety of opportunities to attract new customers to your business products.

Ad Manager and Power Editor Tool

To be successful with Facebook advertisement, you must first choose the right ad tool. On Facebook, you can choose between the Power Editor and Ad Manager. Another way to promote existing posts is the Boosting button.

The power editor is especially popular with advanced advertising budget. With it, several ads can be created, edited and published at the same time. A particular advantage of the power editor is that the most recent functions are usually rolled out first.

Find The Right Audience

The success of an advertisement depends largely on the chosen target group. Generally we divide these into cold and warm contacts. Cold contacts are people who have never come into direct contact  with the brand or page. So with a high probability, you have never heard of yourself. On the other hand, warm contacts are people who know your website or are already fans of the Facebook page. You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand.

You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand. Applying this principle to Facebook means that you have already established a certain reputation with people who are in warm contact and in some way has a confidence bonus.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising Policies For Facebook Ads

Before you post an ad on Facebook, you should first read the applicable advertising policies. They provide information about which advertising content is allowed on Facebook. Before an ad goes live, it will first be reviewed by the Facebook team based on guidelines. If an ad ever violates the policy, you will receive a notification from Facebook. You can then revise it later and submit it again for review.

Use Tests To Get To Know Your Target Group

Here you can test whether a specific placement, a specific audience, a specific ad text or a specific image performs well as an ad. It can be used at all campaign levels. To get to know your target group better as a beginner, you should first focus on only a few variations. The more experience you have with advertising, the more variations you can try.

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