Golden Rules For Better Facebook Ads That You Can Use On Your Own

Advertising on Facebook helps to generate reaching more visitors. If you have reached more customers, you can use your own products, of course also services or software tools. Every entrepreneur or company that is at the beginning of it usually has the same problem in principle, too little reach is available for one’s own application! In the article we go to the topic of Facebook Ads from some¬†perspectives.

More Visitors For Your Website

If your goal is to get more visitors to your website and blog, or to force a conversion like a newsletter signup, online shopping, etc., then you should work with the conversion pixel. You can do this directly from the ad or Advanced in the Business Manager and have it interposed on the page you are looking for or, if you use WordPress, take a plug-in.

Content For Different Ads

You can create different ads in the same Ad Set. Do this whenever possible, the result as well as the findings will surprise you.

When it comes to content, use high-quality content and whenever possible, your own. If you do not have one, Facebook will provide you photos via the Ad Manager iStock. Facebook also tells you which image size you should use – listen and adapt your photos of this size.

Also, come up with something in the lyrics and be brave, it’s just Facebook and if you’re reading this, you’ll hardly have a sound idea about your target audience on Facebook. Get this insight through varied, bold and attractive ads!

The Advantage Of Advertising On Facebook Is The Targeted Amount Of People

Here we can determine exactly who should see our ads, which increases the effectiveness of the ads enormously. We can also choose whether to show ads on mobile devices only or on the desktop. This not only increases the effectiveness but also the range in relation to the given budget. The success measures a social media manager, among others, the CPC. CPC means nothing more than cost per click. The lower the cost of purchasing a click, the more successful you will convert, let’s assume a common set group.

Thousand Contact Price

This system answers the question of how much money needs to be invested to make a thousand people see the ad impressions. If we are just going for a very simple campaign, the social media marketing thousand-contact price is only 20% relative to a traditional CPM in a print magazine or in a daily newspaper. This can be fetched five times the efficiency of the same budget! That’s what makes people and companies excited about social media marketing.

Facebook Ads

Successful Campaigns

Advertising needs to attract attention. Exactly the same principle applies agencies today in the social networks, when campaigns are conceived. Graphics or videos that are published must attract attention. In particular, with the target audience, who might be interested in the product or service. This attention is created by using very simple means, as well as circles or arrows as an overlay that directly indicate an offer. The same principle works in graphics but also in video content, which must have a surprising moment within the first seconds to pick up the users.


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