E-commerce Trends For 2021

A trend year is coming for online trading, which has accelerated developments that are already pending. But what trends can e-commerce expect in 2021? We asked around in the industry. Hardly any other industry has experienced such a boom this year as e-commerce. And even after the year with a wide turnover of 80 billions, the experts expect further growth rates as part of the online trade.

Corona Fuels The Annual New Trend

There’s a trend that we wrote about a year ago. And that has been discussed for ages: social commerce. The pandemic has made platforms even more central for daily exchange. As a result, they offer very good information quality and a high level of customer awareness. With the e-commerce solutions offered by the various platforms, brands can not only focus on relevant users, but also achieve sales results.


Availability Is Becoming More Diverse

Especially in the context of the COVID and the associated delivery, deliverability at the new price – the customer asked more and more questions and wanted to be informed with different platforms – immediately and uncomplicated. This wheel can no longer be turned back and the quality in the sense of accessibility will remain one of the important levers that will determine growing sales next year.

Brands Leave Out The Trade

One trend that we will see increasingly in the coming year is – direct to consumer. More and more consumer goods manufacturers are relying on direct to consumer to sell their products and are building their own e-commerce beyond classic retails. Clothing brands, but also brands for consumer electronics, are given a unique selling point, particularly due to the possibility of not bringing specific editions and goods to the trade, but rather offering them through your own brand shop.

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Even if the road to sustainability is a long one, customers are ready to go. Sustainability plays an important role in their purchases. The younger consumers in particular are driven by sustainability: 60 percent of 18 to 35 year olds stated that they primarily rely on sustainable sales. A survey carried out by the marketing fair paints a similar picture: 60 % of the marketing and communication sector surveyed are of the opinion that the financial situation should spend its advertising money on social platforms that have a good influence on society.

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