E-Commerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

Are you planning or already running an online shop and would like to know how to approach the topic of online shop SEO? Then this post is the right place for you. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to all SEO-relevant subjects so that you can get started today. Otherwise, as an experienced SEO for online shops, we look forward to your message!

Why Is Online Shop SEO So Important?

Many online entrepreneurs initially shy away from SEO, as the results unlike ads, cannot be felt immediately. But without SEO, it can get quite expensive in the long run. In addition, around 37.5% of all e-commerce comes from SEO. In order to build a large and successful online shop, there is virtually no getting around SEO. In the long run, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to get high visits for most pages. The work and costs that you initially put into your site will pay off many times over later.

How Long Does SEO Take In Ecommerce?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question. Depending on the market environment in which you are active, which keywords are relevant there and how your site is doing, SEO can take several months to years. A couple of weeks is definitely not enough. Anyone who wants to do SEO needs patience and perseverance, but is rewarded for it.

E-Commerce SEO

OnPage SEO For E-Commerce

Since we have already written a detailed blog about SEO OnPage, we would like to keep the topic of OnPage relatively short and only deal with the specifics of the online shop SEO:

The URLs in online shops can sometimes be very long. However, we recommend that you keep this as short and simple as possible. In addition, they should have a clear structure that speaks for itself. In any case, you should also include the focus keyword within this structure.

Heading Structure

The H1 heading is the most important heading for the reader as well as for Google. It should therefore appear on every page and contain the focus keyword. It also makes sense to include the keywords and their variations in subordinate headings. Beware of keyword stuffing, however.

Amount Of Text

You cannot make a general statement here, because that depends on it. As is so often the case, it helps to just google it. Take a look at the top 3 search results and stick to these text lengths. Based on the top results, you should be able to make your site even better:

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