What should be included in your site for local SEO?

In addition to the searchers, Local SEO processes are carried out in order to list and rank the websites that are owned by businesses or space owners in search engines. There are also steps to be taken in order for companies or businesses to rank high in the lists of search engines.

Factors Effecting Local SEO Ranking

  • Registration of the firm or the location of the company or the locality in the social media,
  • Google My Business record
  • Long and informative commentary about the business,
  • Accurate and correct entry of contact information,
  • Average and number of user comments
  • It is the hours when the business is open
  • Factors such as categorization by type of business may place the business on the first pages of the lists in any local search result.

It is very important to introduce the business information to the search engines. In addition to the search engines, it is also possible for the user to be informed about the business and thus attract the attention of the users and refer to the website. The website of a business that will do local SEO should have an understandable content. Thus, users who are interested in the website also provide clear and clear information as well as original and current information about the business.

Local SEO factors can affect your ranking of maps.

Accordingly, the search engine users in the business web site every time a visit to the top row can catch the chance to rise. Another reason for the trust of other search engines, as well as for users visiting the page more frequently, is the website design.

  • Sites that use more mobile compatibility today also aim to make headlines, descriptions, topic tags, and visual optimization complete on the page, so that websites can become more attractive in local search results.

The correct location of the operating position in the search engines map applications can increase reliability. However, the information on the website should also be appropriate and ideal for local search. If the companies have branches, their location in the maps should be up-to-date and accurate, and the fact that the categories or internet site content for the branches are not the same can mean more visitors.

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Raising Google with Local SEO

Adding the company’s promotional text to the locations in the search engines maps, adding the businesses to the contacts applications, adding the contact information in the current and correct form, taking part in the regional guide sites, holding the existing sites in the local SEO directories, and adding the location map synchronization with the location on the website of the company. It can move.

Apart from these, creating different sub-pages according to the branches, specifying the working hours of the enterprise within the site, leaving accurate and up-to-date information on the map locations or pages in social media applications, high speed of the website, taking place among the business applications of search engines, keeping references with current photos. The methods can also help to remove the web page to the highest level in search engines.

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How To Attract New Customers With Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads can be very profitable and deliver a large amount of high quality traffic when properly targeted. Facebook advertising opens up a variety of opportunities to attract new customers to your business products.

Ad Manager and Power Editor Tool

To be successful with Facebook advertisement, you must first choose the right ad tool. On Facebook, you can choose between the Power Editor and Ad Manager. Another way to promote existing posts is the Boosting button.

The power editor is especially popular with advanced advertising budget. With it, several ads can be created, edited and published at the same time. A particular advantage of the power editor is that the most recent functions are usually rolled out first.

Find The Right Audience

The success of an advertisement depends largely on the chosen target group. Generally we divide these into cold and warm contacts. Cold contacts are people who have never come into direct contact  with the brand or page. So with a high probability, you have never heard of yourself. On the other hand, warm contacts are people who know your website or are already fans of the Facebook page. You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand.

You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand. Applying this principle to Facebook means that you have already established a certain reputation with people who are in warm contact and in some way has a confidence bonus.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising Policies For Facebook Ads

Before you post an ad on Facebook, you should first read the applicable advertising policies. They provide information about which advertising content is allowed on Facebook. Before an ad goes live, it will first be reviewed by the Facebook team based on guidelines. If an ad ever violates the policy, you will receive a notification from Facebook. You can then revise it later and submit it again for review.

Use Tests To Get To Know Your Target Group

Here you can test whether a specific placement, a specific audience, a specific ad text or a specific image performs well as an ad. It can be used at all campaign levels. To get to know your target group better as a beginner, you should first focus on only a few variations. The more experience you have with advertising, the more variations you can try.

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