How To Write A Creative Brief That People Will Actually Read

Most applicants take three to five hours to write an application. This should of course arouse the interest of managers. We have summarized for you how to write a creative brief with a few simple basics. You will also find out how you can draw attention to yourself online.

Creative Brief Templates For Each Field

Not all professionals are happy to receive a highly creative brief. Especially in more conservative fields such as law, it is common and recommended to send a conventional one. To make it easier for you to make a decision when writing a brief, you will find the following in which you can score points with a creative brief.

Creative Brief

Suggestions For A Creative Brief

The fact is: managers, especially large companies, receive a large number of briefs every day. If there are over a hundred briefs for a position, they are sorted out fairly quickly. So making a brief a little more creative helps to attract attention and stand out from the crowd at first glance.

But how do you design a brief creatively? Before you hire a designer or you think that you can’t do that – a brief is a matter of interpretation and can show itself through small changes. That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to make your brief more creative without studying design – both in terms of appearance and content.

Content: The preparation of your brief is essential, especially for a creative job, but never forget: the content matters. Because just because of a conspicuous brief you will not be invited to an interview. So before you spend hours deciding between two icons, it is better to read your cover letter again and see what strengths you should work out for the vacancy.

Clarity comes before design: A brief is also prepared by the fact that managers quickly find the important facts in it and do not get lost in a sea of colors and shapes.

Sometimes less is more: Speaking of which, with the large selection of colors and fonts you can quickly overshoot the mark. But a brief is not original because it is colorful. Therefore let yourself to one color world and a two font design.

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