9 Great Examples Of B2B Web Design

Web design should not only be attractive – it also has to work. We’ll show you great examples of trends that look good and still work, so you can advance your B2B web design. B2B Trends -Fleeting is in their nature. Of course, this applies in particular to the always new online world: Especially with current networks, graphic changes can be implemented easily without changing the content.

Optics Is One Thing

Working design is something completely different. This can be seen in a few earlier trends that are now effective components of successful pages, such as responsive sliders or a structure: They have proven themselves and have already contributed to a better user experience on a broad basis. This is exactly where we come in when we present the B2B web design: We have looked around on blogs and pages for you and picked out the most interesting developments.

The Most Interesting Developments In B2B Web Design

The Return Of The Serifs

What sounds like the title of a blog – newspaper typesetters knew many decades ago: Fonts, those without serifs are a good choice for headlines. On the other hand, continuous text, especially if it is long, benefits from a serif font: The serifs form a baseline that is pleasant to the eye and ensure that you don’t lose the thread even in longer text stretches.

b2b web design

Small Interactions

Here, a popping sign and a photo that changes only slightly somewhere else: you sometimes have to look carefully to notice the interactions on websites. And that is of course also their purpose: to pull the user deeper into the page by rewarding some of his interactions with a small effect. Inbound marketing relies on a prospect responding. Interactions are good for animating them to take measures.

Growth Driven Design

Perhaps you have already experienced this: Actually, the relaunch of your page should have been completed a long time ago, but the content for the one sub item here and a structure are still missing. Growth driven doesn’t bother much because it follows the principle that a page grows with its tasks.

Growth driven has multiple uses for inbounds: On the one hand, it gives you the opportunity to use the launchpad  to concentrate on the main interests of your buyer .On the other hand, such a page is also much faster than in the case with web development.

One Pager

One-pagers are sites whose relevant content fits on one page. It is not uncommon to find out that a website is particularly successful if it focuses on a page with concise statements.

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