Amazon SEO Optimization Of Relevance And Performance Factors

The topic of Amazon SEO has been increasingly found in the relevant online marketing searches in recent weeks and months. A sign that this market place optimization seems to be a new tool in online marketing. Whether this is really the case and whether Amazon SEO can be interesting for you and your products, we would like to present in this article a little more detailed.

Amazon SEO – Relevance Factors

In summary, one can compare the relevance factors with the product data fields to be maintained provided by Amazon. An important part here are targeted keywords, which the old-established SEO’s look forward to. However, it is not the case that the relevance of a keyword increases with the frequency of naming. Rather, the respective data fields have different relevance and thus different influence.

Amazon SEO Services

Product Attributes Alert

The product attributes are ideal, for example, to provide the customer with advantages, facts or similar information in a short, concise, but above all, structured form. We mention structured intentionally, as the attributes quickly catch the eye of the buyer and thus can become quite an eye-catcher. For the keywords in the attributes, it does not matter where they stand.

Product Description Should Not Be Underestimated

Let’s move on to the least important data field of relevance factors – the product description. Of course, this is anything but unimportant, but just in the ranking at the end. The importance of an appealing product description should actually be clear to anyone who already has experience in e-commerce. Only the accommodated keywords play a subordinate role here. Nevertheless, the product description also offers the possibility to place further keywords and to decorate them with further information, to highlight them visually and to provide the user with readable information.

Ranking By Product Title

So if you do not put your most important keyword in the product title, you might not have much chance of getting that far forward. In addition, it should be noted that it also makes little sense to include all the important keywords in the product title, as it decreases the relevance per keyword in the title. So here is the first decision to make.

If I want to show a very high relevance for a particular keyword, then I think the title is rather short. This is a sensible method, especially in the case of high competition. With slightly less competition, it is quite possible to place several keywords in the title in order to convey a certain relevance for each one. In addition, Amazon itself gives the hint to include meaningful information about the product also in the title, since it automatically has a higher competition with fewer terms.

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