Why You Should Use An Accounting Software?

Software is the future of accounting. Accounting softwares for companies is safe, saves time and money. Learn how these companies can help your business become financially stable. But that’s not all – we will list the 10 most important reasons why you should digitize your accounting.

But before you decide to use an accounting software, you should discuss this with your employees in advance. The software of finances can only work well if the employees are properly trained. Most of the time, employees have to adjust to new software, which can be very difficult. Therefore, one should compare the different accounting softwares before deciding which one to use. Accounting software for companies leads to a better overview, clarity and time efficiency in the sector. Regardless of whether you are a large or small company – the accounting software brings enormous advantages.

Low Storage Costs

No paper is required for invoices and if the accounting is carried out by software, existing invoices do not have to be printed out from one to another. In addition to paper, this also saves printing costs. Nevertheless, invoices on the PC as well as on paper must be kept for a certain period. The only difference is that you don’t have to rent more storage rooms for invoices, you can simply save them on your PC.

Accounting Software

Available At Any Time – No Matter Where

If you opt for an accounting softwares, entrepreneurs or the self employed gain additional freedom: the information can be accessed anytime and anywhere, including mail, as long as you have a connection. In addition, invoices can be read in promptly, because good accounting softwares are able to read out invoices and are therefore not dependent on scanned receipts.

Important Files Are Stored and Ready To Hand

Forget the time consuming sorting of receipts and filing in folders. The accounting software does this work for you. Sometimes you need certain files more often than others and these can be retrieved from anywhere using the text search in the documents. But be careful: You should definitely consider a good system here. In addition, good accounting software itself offers a smart methods that makes the approval of invoices in workflows.

Overview Of The Income And Expenses

The numbers of the accounting softwares can be properly installed by good software in order to provide a great overview of the company’s finances. The dashboard is an important tool and should be included in every good accounting software. This creates an overview of income and expenses of the current course of business. With a daily display of open receivables and payables, you can discover gaps more quickly and not once or twice a year, and more easily and do something about them in advance.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Using An Accountancy Software

Good accountancy software helps you not only with accounting, but also with open item reconciliation and planning. It supports asset accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns. A relation to the tax advisor enables accounting. Assistance increases the efficiency of work in accounting.

Accountancy Software With Assistance

Different types of input should be available for different requirements: For freelancers, it is easier to post business transactions instead of having to determine posting rates themselves. Accountants do the bookkeeping in a flexible way with the ability to post batches. Freelancers only record income and expenses, while entry bookkeeping and accounting is important for smaller companies. Good accounting software can develop invoices into the network, extract the most important data from them and assign the invoices based on certain rules. In the accounting rules you can specify that bills from your mobile company that contain your customer data are posted as your bill without an accountant having to take care of them.

Online Banking With Assistance

This is the counterpart to the rule based phase of incoming invoices: The accounting should import and preprocess your account statements. An assistance network with a comfortable set of rules can save your accounting rules so that certain, frequently occurring transactions can be pre-assigned on the account statements. Good accountancy software offers the import of account statements according to different levels. In addition, the software should also be able to handle transactions on accounts as well as debits and transfers with its online interface.

Accountancy Software

Open Item Management

Open items are clearly displayed according to debtors and can be cleared with their offsetting postings in the software with just a few steps. Clearings and the posting of discounts and small differences should also be made possible. The open item informs you about dates. The dates of the open items are an important input for your liquidity check.


The accountancy software should support the dunning and map the workflow for debt. It should be possible to set a dunning mechanism and several dunning levels. The software should clearly display the items that can be dunned, including their history. It should be possible to clear the dispatch of dunning letters.

Asset Accounting

By no means a matter of course, but surely indispensable for investment companies: Asset accounting. The asset accounting should show additions and disposals of arranged assets, it should be able to draw up a schedule of assets and enable an allocation of asset accounting.

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