Getting Your LinkedIn Profile to All-Star Rating

LinkedIn is a social network for business contacts that lives from the individual network. The social network currently has 560 million users worldwide.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Without A LinkedIn Profile?

Especially when you are looking for a job, a LinkedIn profile increases the chances of being approached by recruiters – maybe they already have the next dream job ready for you? But even in a permanent employment relationship, LinkedIn has some advantages to offer: Network with your colleagues, service providers and customers there in order to expand your network. In addition, through LinkedIn you will receive numerous current industry news and exciting insights from other companies in order to always be up-to-date and to build up a standing as a pro in your company.

Profile Picture

The profile picture is the figurehead of your online presence. Here you should make sure to choose a well-lit picture on which you look serious and authentic at the same time. Avoid vacation pics and choose application photos instead. Depending on the industry in which you work, this should be more serious or more creative. LinkedIn recommends a size of 400 x 400 pixels.

Cover Photo

The cover picture completes the first impression of your profile. This should also be serious. How about a reference to your company or your product?

Profile Slogan

The profile slogan is displayed under your name and is therefore good for your mission statement! Use relevant keywords to make Google your friend, such as your industry. You can also use quotations or an address. If you do not fill out the field explicitly, your job title and your employer will appear as a profile slogan.



Here you can describe yourself in your own words. Share your passion and your experiences. You should give your description a personal touch. If you find it difficult to copy, ask friends how they would describe you – what makes you stand out? Or where do you want to go? What is your vision?

You also have the chance of including media and links in the description. For example, did you participate in the relaunch of your company website? Link them here! Or were you involved in the creation of something online? List this one!

Job Experience And Education

Show your career here: Where did you study? And what were your previous jobs? You should carefully fill in all of this data here. However, do not just list your positions, but also describe them: What exactly did you do? Which projects did you oversee?

Use Of Showcase Pages

Use Showcase Pages to create your own pages for your better-known brands, businesses and initiatives so you can expand your All Star LinkedIn presence.

With an intuitive blogging tool that integrates seamlessly with your profile on LinkedIn, you can post new and previously published content on LinkedIn to quickly grow your audience. Take advantage of native video. Native videos are displayed in the LinkedIn feed as independent posts, so that you can connect with the company’s decision-makers throughout the buyer’s journey on LinkedIn.

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Woman with face protective mask

How Did COVID Impacted Online Businesses?

The COVID crisis continues to keep the world in suspense. Although the spread of the virus has been curbed for the time being, there has recently been an increase of infections.

More consumers were shopping online for the first time in new sections, especially groceries and housewares. Even during the initial time of the pandemic, online retailers who sell masks and canned food recorded sales increases due to the virus. In the long term, however, many online businesses fear that the pandemic will have a bad impact on their income in 2021 and on all online retail.

Most Of The Online Businesses Are Affected

Almost 60% of online retailers are already expecting or recording losses in their daily business due to the COVID crisis. 20% of online retailers have not yet formed an opinion to assess the risk posed for online trading. But one thing is certain for most retailers: consumer confidence from Chinese products are currently severely disrupted and 80% of all online businesses even expect the crisis to worsen. Consumer confidence is often used as a measure of how consumers view the financial situation. Even if many online businesses fear that they may experience a drop in sales due to the current pandemic, the number of parcels sent in USA and Europe is showing positive growth.


Supply Chains

All online businesses, whether small or large, had and in some cases still have to struggle with the impact of factory closures in Asia. Smaller online businesses in particular are hit hard by interrupted supply chains. While large online retailers usually have enough cash in reserve to quickly search for newer deliveries and sources of supply, a smaller business is powerless if the delivery fails.

What Changes Do Online Businesses Have To Adjust?

What changes do online businesses have to be prepared for? A very good question that probably every online retailer is currently asking.

Changes in customer service- Customers ask the retailers whether the IT materials pose a risk of virus. Trust in Chinese products are currently massively disrupted. People meet less for celebrations and birthdays. 80% fewer orders than usual. Customers leave the workshop faster or postpone appointments to next Spring. Each shipping provider can take different measures. Be aware of delivery restrictions currently in place in some countries and rely on flexibility in the shipping variants and providers you offer so that you can switch between them at any time in an emergency.

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Benefits Of Having An Online Presence

An online presence is everything that can be found about you or your business online. This includes your website, all social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube. Even personal reviews from your customers. Today’s people expect to find an online presence from every business, regardless of whether you have a shop on the street or just an online shop. If you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist in people’s minds. We have selected the most important things for a strong online presence for you.

In the meantime, searches are usually more on mobile devices than on PC’s. 65% of mobile phone users are looking for the most relevant detail, regardless of whether it is an online shop or a regular business. On the flip side, 80% of online shoppers conduct online research before making any purchases. If Idaho marketing companies rated is on your side, then your brand/business has a greater chance in flourishing than it used to.

Why Social Media Is So Important?

Most of the population is active on social media. Social media started a big change in marketing. Almost everyone uses social media personally, but many are overwhelmed when it comes to using social networks effective. The fact is that 90% of marketing directors confirm that social media is essential for their own business. Another 90% said that social media increased your company’s reach. In addition, posting consistently on social media accounts also has a better effect on your company’s online ranking. The more engaged you are with your audience on Instagram for example, the easier it is to find you on online search.

Online Presence

Why Instagram Is So Important?

Only 30% of all adult internet users use Instagram. The pics on Instagram have to look great and casual. All lifestyle brands cavort on Instagram in order to entertain their audience with staged pics and to entice them to buy. Instagram is good for building a brand and a certain feel for your brand in your customers.

LinkedIn is the serious businessman among social media. LinkedIn is therefore ideal for business initiation. 25% of all adult online users are on LinkedIn. It is also the only large network that is used more by 30 to 50 year olds than by 18 to 29 year olds. LinkedIn started as an online business contact book. In the meantime it has developed into a large service for relevant business content. Between 2014 and 2016, content consumption on LinkedIn increased by 20%.

The online presence offers you or your company great opportunities. In minutes, anyone in the world can find out who you are and what you and your company are doing. This has advantages and disadvantages. It is bad for those companies whose offers are of questionable quality. Unsatisfied customers can now sustainably damage a company through bad reviews.

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Making Tax Digital Rules For Success

Entrepreneurs can continue to submit their paper income making tax digital rules to the responsible tax upon request. The prerequisite for this is that the digital transmission is financial unreasonable for you. This applies regardless of your other financial situation.

Digitization – the topic has been a topic of discussion for a number of years. For some, the possibilities do not go far enough others fear the digital world and would like to turn back time. However, the path we have chosen cannot be stopped for a long time. More and more areas are therefore increasingly relying on technologies. This also includes the tax authorities, who have been making the change from paper tax returns to digital form for some time and have made it mandatory for some types of income.

Obligation To Submit A Tax Digital For Small Businesses

In particular, the self-employed with low incomes sometimes cause problems for the tax offices with the obligation to submit their income tax return digitally. They do not have the necessary technology in all cases.

tax digital

Entitlement To Exemption From The Obligation To Submit Digital Tax Success

Accordingly, the tax office has no discretion in its decision on the application for exemption from the tax digital return if the data transmission is personally unreasonable for the taxpayer. This is the case if the costs for the necessary measures are in no reasonable relation to the income generated from the self-employed activity.

Better Motivated

It is usually worth spending a few dollars on good digital tax support, as the current test of tax software, online helpers and applications show. Most of them offer a motivational aid: As soon as you enter the data, they show how much tax is likely to be reimbursed. When it becomes immediately apparent how much each entered number ultimately brings, it can arouse ambition. But be careful: Slipping in a few made-up expenses out of sheer anticipation or changing the amounts is of course not a good idea. In most cases, there will be a high reimbursement anyway.

Thanks For Reminding

The digital tax assistants think along with you. If children are registered but no childcare costs, for example, this need not be wrong. Still, a memory can’t hurt. Did you really have no childcare costs?” Did you, as a tenant, bear expenses for craftsmen, caretakers or cleaning services through the utility bill? Moments turn digital support into valuable helpers. All commercial offers offer this added value.

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Reputation Management: The Three Degrees Of Preparation

Today everything can be evaluated by the creation of the internet: From the diner, the former employer, products and so on. There is hardly a product division that cannot have a suitable rating somewhere. And if there are none, most sites have their own rating function. And the online users not only like to write reviews, they also like to read them. More than 50% of consumers inform themselves in advance and allow themselves to be influenced in their purchase decision by reviews and opinions of others. Knowing everything and available everywhere, we put our purchase decision in the hands of rating platforms. It is not surprising that negative reviews can do a lot of damage today. A study even states that up to 22% of company sales depend on reputation management.

So it’s important to take care of your reputation and manage your reputation. This requires sustainable planning, management and control of a company’s reputation. Reputation management can be roughly divided into three levels: prevention, response and follow-up.


There are a few things that can have a positive impact on reputation:

Own Website

Your own site is, so to speak, the anchor of reputation. If a customer or even a potential employee does not find your own site, you are practically nonexistent.

Social Networks

Appearances in social networks can also have a great effect on your reputation. Social media platforms are divided by their proximity to customers and can thus increase customer loyalty and build trust.

Reputation Management


Well organized observation is of key importance so that you can find out whether and how people are talking about you. There are companies that offer their monitoring. To a lesser extent, you can also operate the monitoring yourself. Google yourself regularly, set up alerts and look around on reviews that might have points of contact with your own company.


Nobody likes negative reviews, but they are part of it. See this as an opportunity to improve. The most dangerous thing is to ignore the evaluation. Depending on the account, wildfire can develop from a negative review. Work with the evaluator to resolve the problem. Admitting mistakes takes some effort, but is received by evaluators who offer criticism. Make them feel that they are taking their problems seriously and you will regain a lot of the trust you have lost.

If the reviews are positive, let the reviewer share in your joy. Thank you, possibly with a small gift such as a voucher. And let the rest of the world know how you are being rated by sharing good reviews about your appearances on social network or your own site.


Once the danger has been averted, you can depending on the case, go to follow-up care. Take a clear stance on the case and interact with your customers. It is not uncommon for companies to emerge from a crisis with a stronger reputation.

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Common Invoicing Mistakes And How To Remedy Them

Do you have a large number of outgoing invoices or are you struggling with the requirements of multinational invoicing? Then you are right here. Manual and paper-based processes, requirements for invoicing and ensuring compliance quickly become overwhelming with high invoice mistakes. There’s a better way. Are you looking for suitable solutions to fix the errors? Then find out in this article what to do if you have problems with the Invoices

Manual Processes

The challenge for many large companies is to manage a large rate of transactions while also having to do a lot of manual work. If this describes your situation, you are likely having problems with:

  • insufficient transparency
  • the lack of access from which communications can be sent to all of your customers
  • the requirement of different invoices for each customer
  • sending invoices slowly, resulting in delayed claims

Invoices With Basware

With Basware, you can send all outgoing invoices to all customers with just one solution – in their preferred model. Private companies, the public ones and also end consumers can receive invoices in the formats they want without having to change anything themselves, which means they can pay quickly and easily. As the sender of the invoice, you do not have to keep track of the recipient’s preferred information or transmission, as basware does this for you.


Workflow Automation

Automate tedious recurring tasks, from invoicing workflows to payment reminders. Sit back while Invoice takes care of them.

Easy Collaboration

Don’t waste time with lengthy emails – communicate with your clients in time. Make deals, discuss prices, and negotiate terms and conditions all in one place: the client portal. After updating the system or updating invoice, the changes can definitely cause problems. It is therefore always a helpful first step to completely restart the device. After the restart, the elements will be reloaded and some errors will already disappear.

You can contact the support of send invoice, but the support does not always respond promptly. Therefore, you have the opportunity to report any currently occurring Invoice issue, so that other users or we have the opportunity to provide you with assistance.

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Social media network concept.

How Businesses Can Use Social Media For “Targeted Social Good”

Social media can be used by companies for purposes such as targeted social good, customer loyalty and reputation building. Nevertheless, on the company side, not even half have devoted themselves to this topic: just 38% use social media.

Here companies are wasting potential. Because even if they don’t take part in what is happening on the relevant pages themselves – their customers do. And they write about their experiences and views on the company, exchange ideas and thus shape the image of the company on the social media. Better stamp it yourself! With a well-maintained social network, your company can position itself as a competent structure communication according to its own thoughts. Customers can be reached in a short time.

Questions can also be easily answered accordingly. If this is done publicly so that the answers are visible to all customers, this also reduces the effort at this point. Social media is also well suited as a platform for customer support: Complaints can be responded to quickly and, if necessary, publicly. In this way, you are not subject to the benevolence of media reporting – allegations and statements are easier to handle. You can react quickly, especially in the event of unwanted incidents.

Social Media

You Can Win And Retain Customers Through Social Networks

A presence in the social media is now expected from a leading company at the cutting edge. In order not to disappoint your customers, potential applicants and employees, you should present yourself accordingly. A good half 50 % of all respondents, obtain data about companies from social media. Almost 30% of women and almost 36% of men can be influenced in their purchasing behavior by the appearance of a company in social media; especially in the important target group between sixteen and forty-five years.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

The presence on social media offers various advantages for companies. The prerequisite, however, is that qualified ones are entrusted with the continuous maintenance of the content. It is also important that your company must also be suitable in order to be successful in social networks. Try to keep your target up to date with interesting data and to attract them with great promotions.

Companies should entrust the communication with customers, applicants and employees as well as press representatives to competent managers, as a lot of tact is required here. At this point, great potential also means the need to handle the balance carefully.

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Effectively Measuring Brand Awareness Campaigns

Measuring brand awareness divides the marketing world. Some see it as a fruitless activity, a pile of flattering metrics unrelated to marketing.

Procedures For Measuring Brand Awareness Campaigns


For surveys by mail, phone or page, you can choose existing customers or a random selection of people familiar with your brand. The first approach will give you an understanding of how these people learned about you, the second will give you insight into the increase of people who can remember your brand.

The Page Traffic

Website traffic can provide insights into brand awareness, but it’s important to look in the right places. Monitoring over a longer phase of time can provide an indicator of when something is changing in brand awareness.

Search Data

Use Google Adwords Keyword to find out search volume with your brand name and repeat this regularly to see if the search volume increases. This can be a simple and useful method, but the data will be very inaccurate if you have a brand name that is very generic.

Brand Awareness

Social Listening

Perhaps the most powerful method is to look at where people are already talking – on social media or other websites. With social listening, you can track online conversations about your brand on social platforms and the page. This gives you an insight into the minds of consumers who exchange data online without being asked or influenced by others. In this way, a risk that exists with surveys can be bypassed: distorted answers that arise due to this questioning situation.


Reach is the potential number of people who might have seen these mentions. This includes the increase of followers of each author who mentions you. So, for example, if someone with a million followers tweeted about your brand, it would have a greater impact on brand awareness than someone who was only followed by 100 people.


To track changes in your brand awareness, you need to compare the current values with your metrics. A sufficient time is required in order to be able to distinguish ascents and descents from anomalies. Brand watch provides data with which you can easily measure and compare your awareness after your first login.

Share Of Voice

Comparing your metrics will tell you if your brand awareness has improved, but that won’t give you the whole picture. The number of mentions about your brand could be a measly compared to those of your competitors.

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How To Protect Yourself From Occupational Fraud

Businesses are a great target for cyber attackers. Companies are spied on internet and employees are often targeted by attackers. Even for experienced ones, it is difficult to see through the occupational fraud.

The Occupational Fraud

The employer requests an employee who is entitled to transfer a large amount to an account and to treat the period as strictly as possible. However, there are also known cases in which the voice of the company is imitated. Here, hackers use voice imitation program. The manner of speaking of the alleged employer is imitated on the smartphone. Here, the employee concerned is put under pressure to carry out the allegedly urgent transaction with the greatest secrecy.

Methods Are Also Used In Business Relationships

For example, cyber attackers use the name of a business partnership to get legitimate payments. Further scams are fake invoices from existing business frauds. In terms of content, these may well correspond to an expected invoice. The damage in these fraud schemes is often high, without the employee involved even becoming aware of the fraud.

This Is How Companies Can Protect Themselves Against Cyber Attack

As a company, you cannot prevent falling victim to such fraud. But the tips below can help to reduce the risk. Promote an open corporate: In an open corporate, attempts at fraud can be detected and prevented more quickly. In the event of unusual business transfers, queries should be possible up to the management.

Occupational FraudRaising Employee Awareness

It also helps to inform employees about common occupational fraud. You should also always exercise caution when opening mails. It helps to control the email to see whether it matches the sender and whether the content of the mail appears plausible. Requests from strangers with social networks should not be accepted easily. Everyone involved needs to be aware that the information published in such networks can also be used against the individual himself, for example for identity leak.

It is also important to control the allocation of user rights. These should only be assigned to the extent that they are actually needed to carry out an employee’s task. When granting rights, the requirement should be the principle for higher payment amounts. However, you should refrain from granting personal powers.

If a case of fraud has occurred and is recognized at short notice, the bank can help if it is informed in good time. Fraud payments can be stopped if they have not yet been credited. In any case, even if attempted fraud is averted, it is important that the data of the perpetrator account are related to the bank and that a complaint is made.

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5 Tips Your Online Business Should Have

Online business is also not spared from the effects of the pandemic. While some online business have to deal with busy network, others face economic challenges. Whether problems with the supply chain, fewer orders and a drop in sales or angry customers: Almost 75% of online retailers felt affected of the pandemic at an early stage.

Nevertheless online shops should react agilely to the current situation in order to retain customers even in this situation. We would like to give you some tips and some suggestions for this time, because shop visitors are currently having changed fears, expectations and needs.

Communicate The Parking Permit

Even before the coronavirus appeared, the shipping service providers offered the variant of dropping off the package at any location. A parking permit is more important today than ever, because these days everything depends on reducing the speed of the infection. Many of your customers justifiably fear that they will become infected if they come into contact with an outside person. If a parking permit is communicated, online shops give customers the chance of ordering without the risk of infection.

Make The Buying Process Easier For Customers

The customers in particular are rightly very careful. Make it as easy as possible for them to buy online. Incidentally, this is a good time to make optimizations with regard to the user experience of your online shop. This also includes, for example, a lean checkout with a few steps. With a barrier free shop you can reach new buyers. So you have more chances of success today than before. You are also making a contribution to combating the pandemic.

online business

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Online customer contact is now more important than ever, because your customer support can respond individually to questions and possible needs. With the right tools, customer support is also feasible at home. If you are looking for printing services Dublin and surrounding areas for your company’s brochures, Alpha Print can assist with various formats, sizes and designs for you to engage with your current customers as well as potential new business. In this way, your employees in customer support remain in constant contact with customers. In addition, a plan should be developed for more customer support, as many online business are confronted with a higher amount of calls. As soon as you are affected, you should have additional lines set up.

Give The Cart Abandoners Incentives

The changed situation is also having an impact on purchasing behavior. Online shoppers have always paid attention to prices and discounts, which are still an important purchase method. Now some have a significantly lower income and therefore have to live more frugally. Others belong to the group and avoid any contact more than others. Still others are in your online shop for the first time. These are all situations that can quickly lead to a purchase being abandoned. Help these cart abandoners with their problems that cater to their needs. Price abandoned purchases receive a discount and abandoned purchases in need of service receive a message.

Create Frequently Asked Questions

Your existing and new customers will have many questions. To relieve customer support, it is best to create such a section that should also be prominently placed so that visitors can find them quickly.

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