How To Pay Self Assessment Tax

Because a wave of retirement is foreseeable in the tax offices, the suggesting is an expansion of self-assessment. This has been the norm for a long time. In view of the foreseeable wave of retirement in the tax offices, the states are proposing a change in taxation. We have to think about whether the citizens themselves determine their self assessment tax and transfer the money to the treasury. It is noteworthy that the federal tax administration with million income taxpayers gets by with fewer staff than other countries with around 30 million taxpayers.

The so-called self-assessment exists in its pure form for sales tax or real estate transfer tax. The taxpayer not only submits a tax return at regular intervals or on a case-by-case in which he provides the basic data for taxation, but also calculates the tax liability himself and transfers the money to the tax office. The federal government is also thinking of strengthening self-assessment. This is why there is an obligation to identify this kind of tax on all invoices and to make an advance return (self-assessment).

Assessment Tax

In the case of self-assessment tax, the taxpayer should determine the amount of his tax to be paid himself. This is currently already practiced for sales tax, for example. The taxpayer submits a tax return at intervals in which he not only provides all the relevant information, but also determines the payment burden himself and transfers the amount to the tax office. This period is to be expanded further in the coming years; The Ministry of Finance is currently checking the introduction of the self-assessment for corporate taxation.

Depending on your individual constellation, it is strongly advisable to consult a tax advisor. The tax in the USA is no simpler than in Europe, for example. It takes getting used to the juxtaposition of state and municipal taxes. But also what exactly you have to fill out where. The big difference to the other tax office: While this determines the individual tax burden, you have to do this yourself in the USA. It is important to be careful with this self-assessment: the tax return must always be submitted on April 15th of each year. Persons permanently residing in the USA and green card holders with permanent residence as well as foreigners who have stayed in the USA for at least 180 days within the last three years are also subject to tax. Even if no money was earned, this must at least be stated.

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Get To Know Your New Cash Flow And Forecast For What’s Ahead

Cash flow is the flow of money in a company. More precisely, the cash flow indicates the cash flow a company has achieved over a certain time, for example over the month or in a year. The cash flow as a business measure and indicator for the financial health of a company shows the flow of resources. The key is calculated from the difference between income and expenditure and indicates the extent to which a company can finance itself. A good cash flow forecast arises when cash flows in, a negative cash flow when cash flows out.

Measures To Keep The Cash Flow Going

The company is like an engine. The engine has to keep going so that the oil can circulate and all important mechanisms are well supplied. It’s the same in a company. The company must not stand still. For this purpose, all providers should be involved in the cycle of constant movement and improvement. Ask regularly where there is room for improvement and make this part of your corporate culture. In the end, this will be reflected in a good cash flow.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Agree Short Payment Terms With The Customer

If a company has provided a service to a customer, there is no reason to defer payment. This means that you send the invoice and agree on a short payment term. With a consistent and unconditional dunning, you can educate your customers to pay on time. This results in fewer discussions and your business perceives you as very professional. There is also no reason to feel guilty when a company is courteous with reminders of proper payment.

Avoid Overproduction

Instead of using the complete capacity, it is better to orientate yourself precisely to requirements. You should review each job for your customer’s real needs. Obsolete PC systems can also be a source of errors that can lead to overproduction. The right thing to do is to enter into a dialogue with your customer in order to assess his needs and adjust capacities. This avoids overproduction, the associated capital tie-up and costs that affect your cash flow.

Shop As Needed

Only buy when you have a specific need. On the one hand, large quantities with purchasing at rock-bottom prices bring cost savings. On the other hand, there are storage costs and, above all, you reduce your liquidity. It is better to only buy the thing that you actually use. The lower order quantity from a supplier initially leads to higher prices, but in the long term it lowers the overall costs. For small order quantities, you can arrange just-in-time delivery with your supplier, for example. So you don’t have to order according to a forecast requirement, but can orientate yourself on the consumption. Although this increases the individual costs, the complete costs decrease and so does the need for liquid funds.

Avoid Losses and Waste

Unnecessary stocks and capacities lead to additional costs. It makes sense to reduce this in your company. It is good to produce according to the flow principle. All the necessary stuff and capacities are available and production can flow without interruption. You should only start production when all employees are available. This helps to avoid expensive production stoppages that cause high downtime costs. Machines and tools should always be ready for use. So-called productive maintenance can avoid losses and waste. The aim is to produce without defects, failures and accidents, while keeping quality losses as low as possible and increasing availability.

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Google Page Experience Update Explained

The Google Page Experience Update is planned for this year and should make a big difference. We will explain what it’s all about and what you can do now to be well prepared for the update.

How exactly Google rates pages is still a secret. There should be hundreds of individually weighted and related reasons with which every website is rated. Sometimes, however, Google takes a look at the maps and explains which site operators should consider. This also applies to the announced Google Page Experience Update.

With the Page Experience Update, the company will focus on the following factors; Largest Content Paint explains how long it takes for the largest element of the visible area to be called. So if a visitor opens a website and the header image that can be seen is quite large and has a long loading time, this will have a negative impact on the Largest Contentful Paint. It looks different if a very large image file is in the footer of the page and therefore cannot be seen by the visitor at first.

Google Page Experience Update

The First Input Delay deals with the question of how long it takes for a user’s to lead to a reaction – e.g. the click of a button.

In our understanding, this is by no means about measuring how much time elapses between the action of a user and the completion of the associated one. So it is not measured when a click on Add to shopping cart leads to the shopping cart having the item in it. Rather, it measures how long the time between clicking on Add to shopping cart and starting is.

The value can be negatively influenced – for example, if various actions around the website continue to run after the page is viewed and the visitor’s browser is too busy for a new interaction.

It happens again and again that websites reload some things in order to e.g. to shorten loading times. Sometimes it makes sense. However, it becomes an issue if this interferes with the operation. A well-known example are news that move paragraphs a time after reading has started due to reloaded or updated advertising. Something like that causes frustration and in some cases can lead to bad purchases and more.

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How To Target Your PPC Ads For Locations

PPC Ads are campaigns based on the pay per click principle. You set up an account with the provider with whom you want to place ads for locations. In the case of PPC Ads, you can sign in to your account and then, if necessary, create different accounts for the companies you serve. You can then create campaigns under these accounts. You will be asked to save your card as a means of payment and select a price for the campaign.

Pay per click is quickly explained and offers decisive potential for controlling your next Ads for locations. We explain to you what the term means, how to start your first PPC campaign and what the big advantage of the target model is.

You then determine the keywords for the PPC Ads. These ensure that the search results – i.e. your ads are always displayed in the search results when a user searches for the corresponding keywords.

Note that in most cases, multiple companies will want to promote the same Ads. If that is the case, an auction takes place between the bidders to preserve the advertising placement: So if you bid one dollar, but another company only bids 90 cents, you will receive the advertising space and your competition will be left empty-handed. As soon as users search for the corresponding PPC Ads, your Ad will be displayed. The great advantage of PPC is that you only pay if your ad is successful and a user actually clicks on it.

The account is set up in a few minutes and you can start creating your ads right away. Now you can experiment which choice of words and keywords achieve the highest.


The Range

With the pay per click Ads, you can ostensibly increase the reach of your company’s presence on every location – and all of this in a fully manner, because you have cost control. This allows you to determine in advance what budget you want to spend on your campaign.

This way, there are no unpleasant surprises. And you minimize wastage to users who are actually shown the ad, but who do not click on it. So you only pay if your ads appeal to users and they become aware of your website. For your everyday life as a marketer, this means that location reach does not just remain a vague term, but becomes a measurable and operationalizable goal.

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A Successful Financial Audit Requires Solid Preparation

Financial audit is the first word that catches your eye when the letter opens. The financial auditor from the office announces himself for a financial audit and most entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable. There are three essential core facts for successful financial audit: completeness of the files, arrangement of the upcoming financial audit and briefing of your employees. With a structured preparation for the financial audit, you can look forward to the visit of the auditor calmly.

The Announcement

In the first fact, the tax office will announce the financial audit in writing. An appointment will be made which you should control for availability immediately after receiving the letter. You have 2 weeks from receipt of the notification to prepare for the audit. You have the chance of requesting a postponement of the scheduled appointment, but you have to give a good reason for this! If this is rejected, you have legal recourse. However, you should keep in mind that this can arouse initial appointments among the auditor.

The Financial Audit

The actual audit is carried out by the appointed auditor. The financial auditor requires a certain set of information and files in advance. You will be told exactly which information the auditor would like to see. Additional disclosures are not necessary and are also not advisable. The auditor corresponds with the persons you have previously selected.

financial audit

The Meeting

The meeting takes place after the financial auditor. As a rule, not only the auditor himself is present at this meeting, but also his superior, who is usually more interested in the audit. Possible anomalies are discussed in the meeting. It is possible to find compromises in this conversation and to get the unanswered questions out of the way. For this reason, you should insist on this meeting unless it is scheduled by itself.

One of the most important questions when preparing for a successful financial audit is the question of possible weak points that the auditor could find. In small businesses, audits are based on inconsistencies in returns. The sooner you clarify the unclear cases, the sooner you can look forward to the smooth completion of the audit. However, if there are incriminating things, a disclosure can avert the worst. In this case, you should seek advice from your advisor and an experienced lawyer immediately.

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Finances In Order

Order is half the battle, including finances. But not everyone enjoys doing the bookkeeping in their free time. It has immense advantages: Anyone who has a precise overview of their income and expenses and is concerned with investment opportunities quickly becomes an accountant. Debts and overdraft facilities can be reduced in this way, even if this takes a bit time and patience.

A good place to start is to make a plan. Depending on how much you have already dealt with the topic, it can of course take more or less time. But the main thing is that all tasks are done. APM dublin accountant can assist you in the preparation of the annual financial statements of your company and to assist you in the filing of the Annual Return.

Create Budget Agenda

In order to be able to keep an eye on the expenses, it is important to write them: Use a budget agenda for this. There are many ready agendas online as files or tables to print out. The consistent listing of all items such as food or clothing helps to make one’s own spending behavior clear. The result of the evaluation can then be used to create a budget in which future purchases and acquisitions are regulated in relation to the income. It’s always a great idea not to rely on only one source of income. There are side hustle sites, like thepvlse, that can help turn your passion into another great income stream.

Arrange Some Documents

Subscriptions, accounts – all of this makes paperwork that should be well arranged. On the one hand, this is good for your own overview, and on the other hand, it also makes the annual tax return easier. But how do you create order? You create a document in which you file all your finances. The first page in the folder should be a cover sheet on which you have noted the contributions and notice the process of the personal contracts. You can also include all standing orders in this folder.


Calculate Debts And Cut Expenses

The new overview of the income and expenses is used here: Now it is to be calculated which savings are available at all. So it is time to sit down and plug the negative gaps discovered by canceling unnecessary subscriptions. Even if the subscription should run for some time, at least the notice date will not be missed. Furthermore, a plan should be drawn up for the expenses in the near future and calculated based on how much money you can save per month. If you have several accounts, you should reduce them for clarity. Two current accounts however, can be useful: From here a fixed monthly amount can be paid on top of the other – for food, clothing and leisure. So the two areas are separated and do not get in each other’s way.

Find Out About Financial Investment Chances

Anyone who has found out how much finances they can save a month should look into investments. For this, some questions have to be clarified in advanced. What kind of risk do you have? Are you more afraid? Or do you like changes and see risks as a challenge? You also have to find out what amounts you want to invest each month and which investment is right for you.

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How Can A Small E-Commerce Site Compete Against Big Brands?

As a small e-commerce online shop, you can also act effectively and smartly against the big brands on the market. We cover the topic of how small online stores can win for the place under the sun in the battle against the big competitors. In 3 steps we will explain to you how you can build your strategy in order to outperform the online shops, which are many times larger than your online shop.

Yes, every day hundreds of small sized online shops struggle with giants like eBay and the others. The e-commerce giants let everything work for themselves: huge customer base, almost unlimited resources, brand loyalty. Last but not least, these giants are also displayed in the first positions on Google.

Your Brand Is Unique, And So Is Your Product!

Even if the marketplaces are out of the question as sales platforms for you, there are online shops like sand in the sea that sell the same or similar products. Here it can only help to stand out from the crowd. And how? You are about to ask. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It could still work well with your own brand. But what do you do if you are a reseller and sell branded products? At Amazon, for example, you attach yourself to the existing products, online you have to beat your way through the search results. You have no influence on the marketing of these products and you cannot differentiate the brand from the competition on your own.



Delivers An Unforgettable Shopping Experience

We mentioned earlier that a strategy based on the cheapest price will break you sooner or later. We say this because good, loyal customers don’t buy for the cheapest price. Anyone who keeps looking for the cheapest offer will never be a loyal customer. Individual support and advice are the most important decision-making factors when making a purchase. Shopping is more than just consumption. Many studies confirm that shoppers attach great importance to service  in online shops because they cannot ask any questions. This information must be: quick, easy to find and exciting.

To Take Advantage!

Like it or not, your big competitors have a huge customer base. In addition, there are all the advantages that we mentioned at the beginning: brands and top search results. So what’s stopping you from using these platforms for your own purposes? Isn’t that the opportunity to present your own sales on these sites? Especially if you sell products under your own brand, your presence on the big pages can bring more advantages than disadvantages. Even if you only act as a reseller and sell good branded products, you make yourself known there.

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How To Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The COVID-19 is affecting people’s lives and business around the world. However, new digital strategies can help us overcome many of the difficulties we all now face. You should consider looking for a top rated digital marketing company like BlackStorm Roofer Marketing Company to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business. In order to support the customers in these difficult times, they should be provided them resources with which they can respond flexibly to the situation.

Remote Work

Working remotely reaches new dimensions in the current situation. Collaboration tools such as teams serve as a hub for collaboration across locations, time zones, languages ​​and social media. They show companies how to ensure that employees do not feel isolated, how to motivate their employees and how to bring people together – despite working remotely.

Remote Teaching

With schools and universities closing, teachers, parents and students need remote access to educational resources. They need support, among other things, with free tools such as the online app. To support teachers in their development, our the educator center has developed appropriate online learning content together with teachers.

Customer Services

Companies in the public and private sector are currently dealing with a large number of inquiries. With low-code platforms, they enable the fast, secure development and provision of suitable solutions for processing inquiries. Solutions such as customer service insights can be provided within a very short time.


Digital Inclusion

Even in times of remote work, it is important to be inclusive. Especially since without contact, comprehensive communication that is accessible to all employees is far more important.

HR Management

The departments are now particularly in demand to protect the mental well-being of their employees. We have to enable HR teams to build a sense of connectedness in the workforce with tools like our enterprise network. With solutions, you provide support in all areas of modern management.

Digital Marketing

Support companies in the transformation of their events, as well as in smoothly controlling trading processes and ensuring good customer experiences at the same time.

Using Data In The Crisis

The customer journey, which a few weeks ago was regular for a company’s customers, probably no longer applies today. However, it clearly shows which touchpoints to the customer are affected by the crisis. The next step: develop digital solutions that start here – from e-commerce to virtual advice or improved user guidance and usability to new delivery. A digital approach does not necessarily mean reproducing what has been established so far in digital strategy- due to the new circumstances, the customer journey can look completely different today.

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Businessperson Calculating Invoice

Why You Need Reliable Invoice Software

Many small and regular sized companies as well as the self-employed write their invoices with specially developed programs. Because with good accounting invoice software you can make your work a lot easier. Even bookkeepers are able to create pro invoices quickly and easily.

Many of these applications work with cloud computing and are operated  in the web browser. One of the advantages of such online invoicing: Provided you have a computer and an connection, you can access your database and files from anywhere.

Who Are Invoicing Programs Suitable For?

In principle, invoice software is suitable for any company that sells goods and wants to do the paperwork quickly. It is particularly interesting for the self-employed, freelancers and small sized enterprises that only have low capacity for invoicing.

In particular, if you hardly have any accounting expert knowledge, it is worth purchasing such software, as a good program for invoices offers a lot of help. But billing experts also benefit from such tools: Because various processes allow quotations and invoices to be created much faster than by hand or with apps such as Word.

invoice software

What Should Invoice Programs Be Able To Do?

Good invoicing software makes your work easier and speeds up processes. For this, however, certain factors must be ensured. At the beginning there is familiarization. As a business owner, taking too much time to understand what the software does is not really saving you time. Therefore, an efficient invoicing needs to be as self-explanatory as possible.

It is even more important that invoicing works reliably and correctly. As already mentioned, certain regulations apply to invoicing, which must not be disregarded under any circumstances. A good accounting does not incorporate any errors and does not force you to carry out constant follow-up checks.

But it’s not just about correctness, but also about the presentation, after all, you present yourself to the customer with an invoice software. That is why options are also a part of any good invoicing.

Good invoicing software makes it possible to create invoices and also to manage them. It gives you an overview of payments made and not made. In the best case, the program also supports the writing of reminders. There should also be archiving. It is precisely here that the requirements must be observed. If you look around, you will find a wide variety of programs.

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Business To Business (B2B) Live Streaming On Social Media, Zoom And Other Platforms

Social media and other platforms have become an indispensable part of everyday communication. Millions of people use platforms such as Zoom and Instagram every day to stay in contact with friends and acquaintances and to obtain data – but also to research products and offers. This is where social marketing comes in as an important live streaming in the online marketing. We understand social marketing to mean all measures in social media that help companies achieve their corporate goals. In addition, social media marketing is also increasingly becoming an important value creation for B2B companies. There are many forms of virtual meetings and accordingly the online meeting tools serve different purposes and meet different needs.

Social Media In B2B Communication

Today there is hardly a brand that is not present on Facebook, Zoom or one of the other platforms. There is a good reason for this: social media has become an integral part of everyday communication. Almost every person who has internet access also uses social media. Those who use social media primarily want to cultivate their relationships with friends, family and partners or use them to make new contacts. But social media is also important for communication with brands and companies and for obtaining data.

Live streaming and marketing in B2B focuses on the areas of customer acquisition and retention, but also in the area of ​​recruiting and employee retention, as well as branding and customer insight.

Social Media

Building A Social Media Strategy For B2B Companies

In step 1, the status, the initial situation must be determined. In addition to considering the competition, it is also important to include influencers and opinion leaders. Then it is a matter of defining the target. Who are the people you want to communicate with? Which pain points are they concerned with and on which channels can they be found? In the third step, the social media goals are set and the content strategy is developed based on this. It is then important to select the right platforms (since you cannot be everywhere) and of course, to define the key figures for later success measurement.

The social media world is changing at breakneck speed. Technologies are evolving, platforms are being expanded to include new functions, new providers are entering the market and user needs are changing. All of this also affects the social networks in live streaming and corporate communications.

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