Better SEO Optimization For Your Own Product Pages

SEO optimization refers to the entirety of all measures that have the goal of making a website appear higher in the organic results of search engines. Organic search results can be used to differentiate between search engine advertising (SEA), which is controlled by Google, for example, through AdWords.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO Optimization

Keywords can also consist of several terms, in this case one speaks in SEO optimization of long tail keywords. The importance of long tail keywords is growing continuously. Among other things, because in many general keywords and search terms, the competition is now very high. As the saying goes, small cattle can also make a mess, which is better in any case, than to bet on virtually futile keywords from the outset.

In General, Technical SEO Is An Important Aspect Of SEO Optimization

It has the primary goal of improving the Google ranking. Google has a market share of almost 90 percent as of February 2018 in the european online search, so it makes sense to focus the optimizations primarily on the search engine Google websites.

Concretely, technical SEO Optimization means designing the technology on your own website in such a way that search engines do not obstruct crawlers in the analysis of the website and the algorithms then optimally evaluate and rank them. In terms of server configuration, source code, and operating systems, technical SEO addresses topics such as mobile optimization, page speed, page architecture, security, switching to HTTPS, linking, and crawling and indexing status.

SEO Optimization

User Moves Into Focus

Modern SEO differs from classic strategies in that it is tailored to the user, not just the search engine. User experience and user intent are becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization. A look at major Updates highlights the profound changes in search engine optimization over the last few years.

The success of a search engine depends on whether it can deliver a search result corresponding to the intention of the user for the respective search query. Against this background, it is not surprising that the searcher’s reaction to the hit played out is also given increasing importance in the algorithms.


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Recommendations For Low PPC Advertising Budget

You can use different digital platforms to promote your e-commerce site. Of course, you need to have a certain budget when creating advertising campaigns on these platforms. This can be quite difficult, especially for new initiatives or small initiatives; because they need to prepare these advertising campaigns with low budgets. However, there are some ways to get advantageous from this situation. Managing your existing ad budget well and optimizing your PPC ads correctly will help you get effective results from your advertising campaigns, even with low budgets.

Prioritize Your Goals

When you create advertising campaigns, you need to determine which goals you want to focus on and a priority list of those goals. In this way, you can determine which goals you will create and how much budget you will allocate to these campaigns.

  • To create brand awareness,
  • Creating a product or brand demand,
  • Increase site traffic,
  • Redirect to sales,
  • Forwarding to communication channels,
  • You can set different goals and prioritize them.

Would you like to benefit from the Pay Per Click Management service?

Prepare location-oriented ads

It will be very useful to target your campaigns to specific locations in order to get higher returns from your ads. Rather than showing ads across the country, it’s a more efficient way to give ads to your site than most traffic and recycling locations. For this, you can target your ads to these regions by identifying the cities and locations where you’re taking the most traffic through Google Analytics.

Determining the display times of ads

Choosing to show your ads only in certain time periods will also help you better manage your PPC advertising budget. On Google Adwords, you can choose which times of the day your ads appear. With this feature, consumers can often test their search or search time periods and show your ads only during this time, so you can keep your ads running longer.

Only ads for phone calls

You can provide ads for phone calls to enable consumers to contact you and communicate directly with them to influence their purchasing decisions.

If phone calls are an important sales channel for you, preparing an ad campaign that will highlight your call center will help you get more recycling.

Search for keywords with high volume but low competition

When creating a campaign with low budgets, it is very difficult to focus on generic and competitive keywords. This way, you can consume the budget in a very short time. Instead, it has a certain search volume; however, your focus on low-competitive keywords will help you better manage your advertising budgets. At the same time, you can start to attract traffic through keyword groups that are not directed by competitors.

Use negative keywords

Be sure to include negative keyword usage in your AdWords campaigns in order for your ads to respond to more relevant search queries. Negative keywords enable your ads to respond to more relevant search results in search queries, preventing your ads from showing on search queries that aren’t relevant to your ad. In this way, you can improve the performance and recycling of your ads.

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PPC Vs SEO: Use Both Strategies- Now It’s Your Turn!

The question of whether SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click) advertising is best for your business depends entirely on your goals for your business. Is your service or product something new? Is there a certain level of education to use your offer? Do you already have a good reputation in your industry? All this must be clarified before you decide for the SEO or PPC way.

Both Have Advantages And Disadvantages

One, however, never fails. You have to tweak both. SEO as well as PPC. Any long-term strategy for marketing must include some search engine optimization measures. The main benefit of organic search results is that it tends to bring better traffic to your website. Many Googlers have trained to not click ads. Many surveys and data also showed that websites that are in the upper organic search ads have a higher level of trust than those that appear in the sponsored positions. This is of course a huge advantage for the sale of your service  product. Your expert status also supports google and someone who is in the forefront must be an expert. That is a lengthy and permanent process.

PPC And SEO Are A Great Way To Get Traffic To Your Website

The organic search results should be the goal and you should invest time. As long as you are not found there, PPC is a great way to get instant traffic to showcase, promote and sell your offer. Google itself offers good training for PPC. Also a service for your campaign optimization is available. You can just call and make an appointment. This service is of course free of charge. Always be aware that SEO takes a lot of time. A lot of knowledge is required, but as an entrepreneur, continuing education is not enough anyway. Do not be discouraged and stay tuned, it will be worth it, assuming your product is worth it. That’s out of the question.


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Minimize Adwords Advertising Costs with 10 Techniques

In keywords and sub-words, being at the top of the search engines increases the number of visitors to your site, as well as potential customers who are looking for services or products will always reach you first. This is why traffic from search engines is extremely important.

But sometimes it is not enough for you to be on the top of the search engines. Because Adwords advertising companies always take place on top of your site.

This causes you to lose customers due to visitors. That’s why Adwords ads are the inevitable end of companies. If you are the most sought-after company in the industry, you may even have to advertise on your own.

1- Competitor Analysis

The first thing you should do in all areas of digital marketing is to always analyse your competitors. If you don’t know anything about Adwords, you don’t know how much budget you should spend and what words you need to advertise.

You can get this kind of information by browsing through the top AdWords campaigns. The data that is important to you is the amount of budget that is allocated to the advertising on which words and how much traffic is deducted from this budget.

2- Target Market Analysis

You don’t know how to get to the ad without knowing your audience. That’s why you need to analyse your audience in full detail. You can use Google Analytics for market analysis. You can learn age ranges and interests by browsing the demographic features of the visitors to your site.

By learning how many visitors come to your site, you can reduce costs by targeting only those cities.

3- Set your AdWords Advertising goals

What exactly is the purpose of AdWords Advertising? If your site attracts enough visitors, you probably need more customers than visitors, so you can edit keyword lists this way.

4- Creating a List Using Keyword Planner

Thanks to the keyword planner, you can make a new list of words with low cost-per-click but high search volume. You can combine your own list and lists of newly found keywords.

The keyword planner also shows you how much recycling you’ll have by considering the plan you’ve created and the offer you’ve made.

5- Reducing Results Using Negative Keywords

When creating a campaign, you can narrow the results using negative keywords. So you will not include those words and add their keywords to your list.

Adding negative keywords also contributes to minimizing the budget.

6-Cost Per Click Ads

As with AdWords, clicking on the ad drops the balance from your account. The click price of each word is different from the unit price. You can reduce your budget to a minimum by advertising on words with low cost-per-click.

7- Increasing Quality Score with SEO

In order to get higher efficiency from campaigns, the Adwords quality score should be high. The higher the quality score, the lower your bid, the lower the ranking.

8- Using Effective Titles in Ads

Always use keywords in the headings and subheadings you create when you edit ads. Use titles and subheadings on the subject. You can bring prices to the fore and get more clicks.

9- Using Remarketing Code

By adding remarketing code to your site, you can attract visitors who have come to your site with Adwords while you are browsing different sites.

10- Decrease Offerings Every Time

Let’s say you’re always in the top rankings with high bids in campaigns. After a while the quality score increased and you can now offer fewer offers. Therefore, you can update your monthly bids less. With this tactic you can lower your Adwords costs.

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Misconceptions About PPC Advertising

We love PPC advertising. There is nothing better than opening a good campaign and calculating the ROI neatly with a little pride. But do the feelings obscure the clear view? Because far too many PPC campaigns fail before they begin. There must be reasons for that! Is it too high expectations that make a romance with PPC impossible or is it due to the disadvantages of the pay-per click method? Today we look at the biggest misunderstandings of PPC advertising;

The work with the calculator has already brought so many entrepreneurs to disillusionment. If you spend a lot of money on PPC advertising, you want something in return. Tracking options allow you to determine exactly how many users who came to you via an advertisement have subsequently shopped with you. This is the cost per conversion or the CPA (cost per acquisition).

In Fact, It Does Not Matter If Your CPA Is Above Your Conversion

This view neglects the great strength of your eCommerce: Who counts as monocausal, forgets the customer lifetime value: Satisfied customers are coming back. They remember without advertising measures  to your great service and order even more frequently with you. Even if some users have not bought anything after clicking on the ad – they may have bought their store and are just waiting for the right offer.

When companies start using PPC advertising, they tend to be highly motivated and downright euphoric about their first successes. Over time, the euphoria ebbs away. Other projects and challenges are coming. The PPC campaign will then continue on autopilot. This is an awful shame! Because with creative, fresh ideas and a little bit of passion, SEA can do real miracles. There is hardly any other advertising channel that benefits so much from creative approaches.

Particularly Effective Are SEA Campaigns That Are Constantly Evolving

We open up a new target group. For this we set up an ad group that draws our chosen customers to your online shop. Some users buy one or two products, sign up for your newsletter or browse through your special offers. Instead of stopping satisfied, we will call these new customers back a few days or weeks later. Maybe they need accessories for their new treasures or are interested in other products.


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Basic SEO Analysis with 4 Steps

Would you like your website to perform better? How about coming to better places in all search engines? When you apply the techniques on the 4 basic SEO checklist that we share below, you will be able to reach these goals easily!

Target Market Analysis

First of all you have to do web site analysis. You should analyze meta sets and keywords. In the same way, review the text that users can read, take a look at the code on your website. Which position are you in search engines?

After the web site analysis, you should switch to competitor analysis. It’s important to know which content on websites, which keywords they use, and what keywords your competitors have succeeded on Google. We can even say that it is a key rule. It is useful to discover these keywords for an effective performance strategy. Which keywords did your competitors get in the top 5 rank on Google? Benefit from free tools for a more detailed exploration.

Keyword Research And Development

Now it’s time to sort the keywords according to your company goals. For each keyword you should know what the situation is in competition. Are keywords single or multiple? In some cases, you’ll see that keywords with spelling errors are more successful. That is why concrete data analysis is a must.

Content Optimization

It is not enough to wait for the best results after sharing your content. You need a good strategy to get the most out of your content. Want to know how to get the most out of your search engines results by increasing your relevance? We have prepared a few tips about content optimization.

Create Page Titles

Editing keywords based on keywords is an effective strategy. You create an integrity about the themes of your page as well as directing your keywords.

Create Meta Tags

Meta description tags can have a positive effect on clickthrough rates. Direct is not an SEO technique used to rise in the rankings. Google has stopped using these keywords, but as we said, it will contribute to the clickthrough rates. Thus, it will provide you with an SEO contribution, albeit indirectly.

• Place your long-tailed keywords in the areas you see strategically.

• Develop a new sitemap for Google.

Continuous Testing and Measurement

Analyze your position in Google rankings. How is your web traffic? When you make these measurements, your keywords performance will also appear. Of course, you will also make changes from time to time. Be sure to save new performance data with all these changes in an Excel file.

On Google, it is not enough to succeed for a while. Your success must be continuous! Therefore, never hesitate when your content brings you to good places. This is one of the most important rules for getting the best positions in the rankings.

Thanks to our SEO services, we analyze your website with all the details and determine your road map. We are strengthening your website with On-Page SEO and analyzing your competitors, mapping the competition of the sector. We are increasing your customer potential with correct planning.

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Considering Your Website Optimization For The Search Engines And Many SEO Principles

Let’s face it, actually every website owner really wants to get Google Traffic on his side. Visitors get their own website for free, and the right keywords not only drive a lot of traffic, but also target audiences directly to their own website. Unfortunately, not many people make it on Google Search. Google’s ranking factors have become too rigorous, and very quickly, rather than pushing his page forward on Google search, has shot them out of the index. So if you want this not happen to you ,you can manage to get ahead with these principles;

SEO Principles

Domain Name

Before you build a website and choose a suitable domain for it, you should think about which domain name fits the page. Always use an easy-to-remember domain name.

Keyword Research

If you want to save time on your keyword research, you should get a paid keyword tool to find niches to your high-search keywords with little competition.

Ask Questions For A Good Overview

Ask friends and relatives if you can watch them surfing your website. Watch them closely, and you’ll get a good overview of how the visitors behave on your page.

Updating The Topics

Update your reports for news or other changes to a topic. This will keep your page up to date and stay interesting for later visitors. Forums are great for pointing out you and your products for websites.

Traffic Through Social Network

Social networks can bring you a lot of traffic. Focus not only on Facebook, but also test other channels. Pinterest, Stumble-Upon, Instagram and more networks are getting more and more new users every day.

SEO Principles

The Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming more important. So in Local SEO, add your landing page to Google Business, so that you’ll find it better.

Connect with other scene experts to share valuable experiences. A SEO-regular table can always help to get to know new people from the scene.


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What Goals Can Be Achieved With Facebook Advertising Objectives?

From demographic information on interests and industries to professional titles of target persons, almost everything can be filtered via Facebook. The design of a display is partly predetermined, but by text, branding and to own a picture or video material individually is configurable.

Facebook Ads can be designed and customized for any industry, service or product of any kind. Both companies from the industrial sector as well as retailers or small businesses can advertise individually via the network. There are always countless target persons on the platform for every industry – they are just waiting for offers. To give you an idea of ​​what advertisements might look like for different industries, here are a few examples.

Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook Advertising Objectives

Brand Awareness

Reach people who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness of your brand.

Video Views

Leverage videos that offer exclusive content with a look behind the scenes or highlight product launches and success stories to increase your brand awareness.

Structure & Functions Of An Advertisement

Of course, each ad has in addition to the numerous, design-technical possibilities, despite all this a solid, static “framework” that unites the basic building blocks. The latter include the textual description of the ad content. On the other hand, other basic functions allow interaction with the target persons.

Mistake: You Leave Your Campaign Alone

Facebook campaigns are like kids. You can not leave them alone. Visit your ad manager on a regular basis and review the results. Because most campaigns have a kind of expiration date. From this point on, the performance is steadily decreasing. And you should definitely avoid that. For example, reduce the click through rates of your ads, design new ads, and include them in your campaign.

The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a little wonder child. This little code snippet can truly accomplish great things. With this tool you will be able to measure the impact and results of your campaign. The Pixel also allows you to redirect visitors to your site on Facebook with ads. The Facebook Pixel is the basis for retargeting on Facebook. With its help, the website Custom Audiences is created.


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How To Attract New Customers With Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads can be very profitable and deliver a large amount of high quality traffic when properly targeted. Facebook advertising opens up a variety of opportunities to attract new customers to your business products.

Ad Manager and Power Editor Tool

To be successful with Facebook advertisement, you must first choose the right ad tool. On Facebook, you can choose between the Power Editor and Ad Manager. Another way to promote existing posts is the Boosting button.

The power editor is especially popular with advanced advertising budget. With it, several ads can be created, edited and published at the same time. A particular advantage of the power editor is that the most recent functions are usually rolled out first.

Find The Right Audience

The success of an advertisement depends largely on the chosen target group. Generally we divide these into cold and warm contacts. Cold contacts are people who have never come into direct contact  with the brand or page. So with a high probability, you have never heard of yourself. On the other hand, warm contacts are people who know your website or are already fans of the Facebook page. You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand.

You do not have to imagine them, they already know you or the brand. Applying this principle to Facebook means that you have already established a certain reputation with people who are in warm contact and in some way has a confidence bonus.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising Policies For Facebook Ads

Before you post an ad on Facebook, you should first read the applicable advertising policies. They provide information about which advertising content is allowed on Facebook. Before an ad goes live, it will first be reviewed by the Facebook team based on guidelines. If an ad ever violates the policy, you will receive a notification from Facebook. You can then revise it later and submit it again for review.

Use Tests To Get To Know Your Target Group

Here you can test whether a specific placement, a specific audience, a specific ad text or a specific image performs well as an ad. It can be used at all campaign levels. To get to know your target group better as a beginner, you should first focus on only a few variations. The more experience you have with advertising, the more variations you can try.

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