Best SEO Requirements For Future

The requirements for search engine optimization have not changed, webmasters want to be placed in the front when researching topics from their web pages. But the SEO requirements are changing, because the search engines are changing as well.

You quickly come across conflicts when the topic of SEO requirements is addressed. Since traditional methods of SEO have come into disrepute and since long-practiced practices are not working anymore, some say that SEO is dead. But this waiver of SEO requirements seems premature, because the audience does not want to do without search engines and therefore more attention is paid to websites that appear in the top of the rankings.

Adopted Content Meets The Requirements Of The Future

It is helpful in individual cases for the SEO requirements that you adapt the content for different needs and devices. For this, depending on the SEO requirement, no too extensive texts have to be offered. Often a concise text is sufficient if it can be supplemented with suitable pictures or moving pictures in such a way that understanding can well result with the users. So adopted content will definitely meet the SEO requirements of the future and you will be able to use this content for a longer time as an asset.

Indexing And Avoiding Duplicate Content

Ensuring Indexing is an SEO requirement that is relevant now and in the future. So technical measures, such as changes to the basic structure of the content management system must be examined. The SEO audit checks whether the websites are still placed and whether they were placed for the right keywords. Another SEO requirement is the avoidance of duplicate content and the correct use of meaningful web addresses. Here, the exact keywords are then placed, which the search engines is given another important signal to determine the relevance of the content.

Design And Analytical SEO

Design, user experience and conversion rate need to be optimized as it is about understanding the intent and need of the users. Analytical part of SEO analyzes the effectiveness of all the skill sets mentioned. Search engine result pages, measured by click-through rate, and retention time are the most important indicators of page performance.

Unique Product Descriptions

Many online shop owners tend to take the manufacturer’s description one to one. As a result, the same content can be found on multiple pages. For Google, duplicate content is a negative signal, which can even lead to penalties. However, it is hard for each individual product to create an individual description, but it can be really worthwhile.

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Steps to Consider for Domain Name Security

You need to be very careful to protect your domain name security against attacks. In particular, you may experience unwanted situations as a result of attacks on the internet.

What should we look for in domain security?

  • Step-by-step domain security

Domain name security is very important to protect your control panel. People accessing this domain can change your email and website accessibility settings.

It’s a good idea to follow these steps to protect your domain from unauthorized changes or unintentional loss of your domain name settings.

  • Use strong passwords

A strong password is not a complex number of letters and symbols. Instead, consider using a password generator to generate a random password that is difficult to guess. Avoid using common names, birthdays, etc.

  • Be your own firewall

Any person with access to your domain may potentially take over. Don’t give your account information to anyone, including your webmaster.

If someone needs to access your wordpress hosting account login information, use the Account Manager feature to give access levels to those who need to manage the domain names in your account.

2-step authentication

The use of two-factor authentication in your account includes a two-step login process. When you need to access your account, it adds another security layer using another step, such as authentication, as well as a password.

  • Secure Email

Keeping e-mail connected to your domain safe is the key to keeping your domain safe. Make sure your password is complex and change frequently. Be sure to use a secure e-mail server and use free services that may expire when you are not using it.

  • Keep apps up to date

To protect yourself from hackers, you should follow security updates. This will deter viruses and malware. Store all applications in your web account.

Make sure you are ready to receive notifications so that any changes to your account will alert you immediately. This warning gives you the chance to stop a pending transfer.

  • Modification permission

Most registrars offer a registry locking service to provide an extra level of security for domain owners and customers. When you acquire a registry lock, it prevents you from transferring your domain name security without your permission.

Protect Your Site

SSL certificate is one of the best security features you can get. Protect your customers against identity theft with an SSL Certificate.

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Twitter Optimization for Local SEO?

The importance of social media is a unique window for your website. From this window you can look at a very big world, and you can make this big world look at you. If you’re a local business and don’t have a huge digital marketing budget, we’ll give you a brief overview of Twitter optimization for your Local SEO. With these simple tips, you will increase both your interaction on Twitter and your traffic for your website.

Local Seo and Google Algorithm

While the Twitter search engine is not as complex as the Google algorithm, it ranks the search results according to an algorithm. The profile is passed through various criteria such as completion rate, interaction rate.

You must make sure that you have done these simple operations in order to be on top positions. The fill rate of information for your website’s Twitter profile is also important in terms of Google indexing.

For Local SEO, the location information phone number in the Twitter profile is important. Search engines are trying to list the most accurate results to their users. I think that there is nothing more natural than having the correct and complete profiles in the first place.

Importance of Retweet for Local SEO

For socializing and interacting on Twitter, it is important to keep in mind that regular retweeting is also important for local SEO. The reason for this is that as you increase the tweet that contains the keywords you share, the search engine algorithm is getting better and higher.

Retweet may seem like a simple process. If the tweet you have has a quality content and contains keywords, the chances of retweeting will increase. Quality content on the basis of social media marketing can be easily shared by users.

  • Write information appropriate to the target audience
  • Use original words and phrases
  • Tweet in busy time zones
  • Use Label

These are just a few of the basic tips for optimizing your Twitter account. You can make your digital marketing via Twitter which is one of the most important tools of social media which is the biggest power of marketing.

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Some reasons why your Google Ranking Changes

First of all, I would like to mention that Google’s algorithm update and development method has changed. Google followed a method of extracting certain updates for specific areas over the years. Lately this method has been replaced by bulk kernel updates. The impact of mobile usage priorities and rapid change in Web technologies is also very big. This has caused the effects to become too large. While webmasters could easily observe these effects for themselves, the only thing that changed in terms of users was that more user-friendly pages were displayed on the Google search results page.

Check Order Tracking Method

If your client is running the ranking tracking from the Google search results page, it should be explained that this is the wrong method. The Google algorithms are enough for each user to have different conditions, so that a page appears in different order to the user.

Check for Recent Changes

If you receive a mail titled that our website will continue to work with the most up-to-date technology tomorrow after the software update is done tonight, you may not know that the website is temporarily receiving noindex tags for only a few hours of work. Worst of all, it may be even worse that the small tag is forgotten there after the update.

Check Backlink

A large number of recent link losses can trigger a decline in your traffic, which may be reflected in ranking performance. Sometimes Webmasters who have migrated to Https and who forget to redirect or forget to redirect the URL structure and cause redirection can trigger these link losses. Having the right organic SEO service for your site or business can pay dividends especially in the long run.

Check Security Status

Sometimes even the most secure systems can be captured, misused. Such events will adversely affect your ranking performance. Beyond standard safety procedures, controls that provide extra protection can save lives. If you are faced with the ever-deteriorating ranking performance beyond variability, it is better to have a professional security check.

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What should be included in your site for local SEO?

In addition to the searchers, Local SEO processes are carried out in order to list and rank the websites that are owned by businesses or space owners in search engines. There are also steps to be taken in order for companies or businesses to rank high in the lists of search engines.

Factors Effecting Local SEO Ranking

  • Registration of the firm or the location of the company or the locality in the social media,
  • Google My Business record
  • Long and informative commentary about the business,
  • Accurate and correct entry of contact information,
  • Average and number of user comments
  • It is the hours when the business is open
  • Factors such as categorization by type of business may place the business on the first pages of the lists in any local search result.

It is very important to introduce the business information to the search engines. In addition to the search engines, it is also possible for the user to be informed about the business and thus attract the attention of the users and refer to the website. The website of a business that will do local SEO should have an understandable content. Thus, users who are interested in the website also provide clear and clear information as well as original and current information about the business.

Local SEO factors can affect your ranking of maps.

Accordingly, the search engine users in the business web site every time a visit to the top row can catch the chance to rise. Another reason for the trust of other search engines, as well as for users visiting the page more frequently, is the website design.

  • Sites that use more mobile compatibility today also aim to make headlines, descriptions, topic tags, and visual optimization complete on the page, so that websites can become more attractive in local search results.

The correct location of the operating position in the search engines map applications can increase reliability. However, the information on the website should also be appropriate and ideal for local search. If the companies have branches, their location in the maps should be up-to-date and accurate, and the fact that the categories or internet site content for the branches are not the same can mean more visitors.

For more information on this topic, please click here.

Raising Google with Local SEO

Adding the company’s promotional text to the locations in the search engines maps, adding the businesses to the contacts applications, adding the contact information in the current and correct form, taking part in the regional guide sites, holding the existing sites in the local SEO directories, and adding the location map synchronization with the location on the website of the company. It can move.

Apart from these, creating different sub-pages according to the branches, specifying the working hours of the enterprise within the site, leaving accurate and up-to-date information on the map locations or pages in social media applications, high speed of the website, taking place among the business applications of search engines, keeping references with current photos. The methods can also help to remove the web page to the highest level in search engines.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm

What are the Most Important SEO Rules?

While the SEO Rules are changed by Google’s updates every day, there are some basic rules that should be considered. In this article we have written the most basic and most valid rules for you.


Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors and one of the most basic SEO rules. Especially in recent years, there has been a shift from keyword-focused content to natural content and more relevant content. According to research, only 53% of the first 20 queries were found on the title tag and less than 40% of the landing pages had keywords in their h1. These rates clearly show that Google’s content relevance is now in front of keywords.

How do relevant content appear?

Algorithms like RankBrain and Hummingbird are constantly being updated for semantic relevance and optimization. This causes a content to be written in a competent and comprehensible language, leading to unnecessary and unreadable keyword densities. Research also shows that longer content is better than short content because it can be more detailed.

How to Optimize Content

  • Find and correct insufficient content.
  • On all pages, narrow down and refine content topics further.

Content is affected by ranking factors such as Bounce Rate and Click-Through Rate. For best results, ensure that the content is both comprehensive and relevant for the respondent audience


Backlinks continue to be an important Google ranking factor. Google evaluates good links, unrelated and irrelevant links. More links will be good for your site’s traffic. But this is true if the platforms you buy backlink are relevant and competent.

When your content wins high-quality backlinks, you’ll get three important ranking signals:

  1. Number of Backlinks
  2. Link Diversity

As one of the main branches of social signals, we can show good quality backlink. The position and social signals have a strong relationship with all social media channels.

How to Get Good Quality Backlinks?

There are many different ways of getting backlinks, but all of them have content marketing on the basis.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can find, share, and share content with someone else’s related, backlinks. Except this,

  • Check how many links are available in your content and the quality of these links
  • Quality partnerships with others to get Backlinks
  • Get rid of spam and poor quality links

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The Easiest Way to Start Ecommerce: Shopify

Shopify has soon become a popular infrastructure. Shopify has more than 500,000 e-commerce sites, and this number is growing rapidly. With packages starting from $ 29 a month, Shopify offers a cheaper solution than a local foreign-paid e-commerce infrastructure.

There are free open source e-commerce platforms that you can use, but there is little technical knowledge to install and use these platforms. You may also need a software specialist to develop open source playforms. This will increase costs.

When we consider the server rental fee you need to run open source codes and the SSL certificate you will get for secure trading, Shopify is actually cheaper. Shopify gets commissions from sales and this rate is between 0.5% and %2 according to the plan you choose.

You can start with Shopify and grow your business until you earn a good income from your site. You can then switch to a top package to suit your needs, or switch to Shopify Plus infrastructure that Shopify offers for large e-commerce sites. Once you have established your ecommerce business, you can seek for a multitude of shipping solutions online or you can directly Go Here.

The easiest way to open an e-commerce site

If you have some technical knowledge, you can implement other e-commerce packages within one day, but with Shopify easy interface, it can easily reduce the time to watches.

If you’re writing blogs, you’ll quickly adapt to Shopify if you’re familiar with the platform, such as WordPress. The Shopify panel is very similar to the WordPress panel. Even the blog infrastructure is ready, and you don’t need to install WordPress.

You can also add promotional articles about your products into your e-commerce site. So you can attract more customers by blending rich content with your online store to increase organic traffic.

If you plan to do e-commerce with drop-shipping, Shopify will provide you with the fastest and most useful drop shipping infrastructure with the application of Oberlo.

No need to deal with hosting and server

Shopify is a cloud-based service and doesn’t need a server. So you also don’t need to rent or install a server. This not only reduces costs but also saves you from operations such as server installation and management.

Search engine optimization is now very important to open web pages quickly. Shopify is pretty good about speed. As a performance e-commerce store needs any server support provides Shopify.

Thanks to the mobile compatible admin panel, you can easily monitor your sales and inventory from your mobile phone when you are not at work.

This is also an advantage in search engine ranking, SSL is instantly active in the domain you have linked to Shopify.

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Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

If you have a website, you begin to hear many new terms such as web design, web development, functionality, customer conversion. Web design and web development terms are often used interchangeably; but this is not true. You may not be a web designer, but if you are going to build a website, you should at least know the differences of these two concepts. What is the difference between web design and web development?

The designers and developers of web pages have different skill sets. Understand what your business needs and choose the right professional for the job.

What is Website Design?

Web designers have important skills. Creative and innovative visual web site designs are capable of creating. Their work is primarily based on what the customers see, or rather, the front-end design of web professionals. Web designers are more concerned about what a website looks like. They focus more on how customers interact with websites. It is commonly called the user experience.

Good web designers can incorporate the principles of web design to create a website that looks beautiful and attractive. Web designers ensure that all design elements and features they choose are user-friendly. Web design is about creating websites that users want to interact with, easy to navigate and intuitive. Designers control how good the website interface is.

What is Web Development?

There are two types of web developers, classified as front and backend developers. Back-end developers are obliged to come with the code that creates the visual design. Front end web development requires HTML and CSS as well as skills in other programs like Javascript. These programs are required to create different styles and layouts owned by a website. For a simple website, front-end web development may be the only web development required. However, most complex website projects require both frontend and backend development.

Web developers who focus on backend development have more advanced programming language skills and more in-depth knowledge about programming such as the data types in c. Such developers focus more on functionality as opposed to the visual appearance of the website. They work to interact with customers web pages. For example, a backend developer will encounter different features on an e-commerce website, such as the payment process and shopping carts, to make it easier for customers to complete online transactions directly.

Information in programs such as PHP is the key to the rear end development. This type of development requires interfacing with web forms and database running with different APIs. Development usually involves finding solutions that help meet customer needs. Without existing software tools, backend developers can create software from scratch. They don’t always trust software like add-ons to increase website functionality. They produce software that helps meet customer needs.

Most people are more skilled in either web design or web development, but thanks to cross-knowledge, they know something about web design, and they also develop some software from scratch.

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What is the Importance of Web Design?

Web Design are custom designs that are designed to enable users to see browsers to promote individuals or organizations. Unlike the classic graphic design work, these designs should be translated into HTML, which browsers can read. This job is also called expert webmasters or web designer.

The Importance of Web Design

Web design has always been the primary and official information channel for institutions and individuals. With the increase in internet speed, rich media applications, videos and high-resolution photos have become easier to deliver to consumers, not just text content. Thus, a lot of people can go out of their home, at any time they want to receive information from web pages. This consumer-side revolution was called ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). For this reason, companies have increased their web design investments in order to have the best and most effective way on the internet.

Professional Web Design Process

Web site construction work can be done in a very short time and with reasonable costs, as well as a long time and high costs. This is all about the value the business gives to this business. For example if you are willing to make a website through ready themes, you can make your website with a theme fee of less than 100 USD and a very small budget limited to the implementation of this theme. However, if you want to create this work with an original design, a quality code structure, you have to endure a long process and cost with the following steps.

Web Design Steps

  • Designing (Brief, Competitor Analysis, User Experience Design Information Architecture Design)
  • Graphic design
  • HTML / CSS Coding
  • CMS Integration / Software Works
  • Test

You can benefit from the web design service of our expert team.

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What are the factors affecting our page speed?

Factors that reduce the speed of the page in our article, we have gathered the factors under 4 main headings. What are the factors affecting our page speed and how can we optimize them? These factors;

Make sure the image files are optimized

Perform compression and resize operations before uploading images to your site. In this way, you can make the images load faster by reducing file sizes.

Load images in the appropriate format. You can choose .svg format for geometric shapes, .jpg format for photos and screenshots, and .png format for high quality images and transparent elements.

Minimize the number of images. You can reduce the size of the data transfer by using CSS or removing unnecessary images. Ensure that the images are responsive. Thus, each device and size will be displayed properly.

Ensure that the source files are optimized

Keep CSS and Javascript in the same file. You can load these files faster by taking advantage of the cache feature of the browsers.

Avoid using unnecessary lines like comments, spaces in CSS and Javascript. Minimizing source files as much as possible will help browsers to decode codes faster.

Place the HTML in HTML code just before the closing part of the body part, rather than the top. This will load the page contents before the source files are triggered. You can also use the async attribute to load files instead of loading them at first boot.

Accelerate data transfer

Take advantage of browsers caching feature. With this feature, the image and source files will be pulled from the cache to provide faster page loading for the users who come back to your site for the specified period of time.

Deliver files by HTTP compression. With the compression process you can do in Gzip format, you can save on the size of the data and get faster data transfer.

Have your page resources loaded from different servers using the server system called Content Delivery Network. Thanks to this system, there is no loss of speed due to the physical distance between the user and the server.

Reduce HTTP requests

Avoid unnecessary referrals and redirection chains. In this way, you can avoid creating unnecessary HTTP requests.

Remove pages that return 404 code from in-site links. If you have source files with status code 404, try to fix them, if they are not available, remove them from source code to avoid increasing the number of HTTP requests.

Rather than using a large number of CSS and Javascript files, collect the source data in one file as much as possible. Thus, when loading pages, the HTTP request for the source files will be minimal and better site performance will be ensured.

Repeating icons, logos and so on. use static image files with the CSS Sprite method. With this method, you can prevent different HTTP requests from being sent to each image.

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