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If your business deals with the B2B, you might’ve considered using LinkedIn advertising to reach your customers. After all, LinkedIn is where most professionals connect with each other. So, if you’re in the B2B space, there’s a good chance that your potential customer can be found on the online advertising of LinkedIn.

We’re going to explore how you can set up some LinkedIn ads that will put you right in front of your target customer. We’ll go through the process of setting up your ads and also how you can improve your advertising campaign over time.

Deciding Who You Want To Reach

LinkedIn advertising provides you with incredibly powerful targeting capabilities. However, there’s no point in having access to all of that targeting power, if you can’t take advantage of it and use it towards your marketing. You need to spend some time thinking about who your customer is. If you want to be really comprehensive, you should consider creating a buyer potential and you can also start by looking towards your current customers. Keep in mind that it is essential that you have a network in place for nurturing these target audience leads. You’ll struggle to get people to buy from you right away, if they’ve just signed up after reading a bit of your content or posts and not heard anything else from or about your small business.

So, make sure that you have a responder sequence in place that books a call with the lead or sends them to an engaging webinar. This will definitely help keep your marketing plan heading in the right way.


Tracking and Data From Ads Campaigns

While your campaign is still running, you can read many keys directly from the LinkedIn manager. This includes the reach and click rate of your ad, how many results you were able to achieve, and of course what these results cost you on average.

LinkedIn Audience

In addition to targeted targeting on LinkedIn itself, you can advertise on the audience just like Facebook. This means that LinkedIn also displays your advertising on a variety of partner sites and apps. As with Facebook Ads, however, we recommend that you do not use this option. You want to generate special insights as possible through your campaigns in order to refine your target group and to arrange future campaigns even better. Including the audience dilutes your statistics and you have no idea where exactly your ads were displayed in the end.

Nothing stands in the way of your successful advertising on LinkedIn! The only question that remains is how you can evaluate the generated information.

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E-Commerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

Are you planning or already running an online shop and would like to know how to approach the topic of online shop SEO? Then this post is the right place for you. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to all SEO-relevant subjects so that you can get started today. Otherwise, as an experienced SEO for online shops, we look forward to your message!

Why Is Online Shop SEO So Important?

Many online entrepreneurs initially shy away from SEO, as the results unlike ads, cannot be felt immediately. But without SEO, it can get quite expensive in the long run. In addition, around 37.5% of all e-commerce comes from SEO. In order to build a large and successful online shop, there is virtually no getting around SEO. In the long run, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to get high visits for most pages. The work and costs that you initially put into your site will pay off many times over later.

How Long Does SEO Take In Ecommerce?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question. Depending on the market environment in which you are active, which keywords are relevant there and how your site is doing, SEO can take several months to years. A couple of weeks is definitely not enough. Anyone who wants to do SEO needs patience and perseverance, but is rewarded for it.

E-Commerce SEO

OnPage SEO For E-Commerce

Since we have already written a detailed blog about SEO OnPage, we would like to keep the topic of OnPage relatively short and only deal with the specifics of the online shop SEO:

The URLs in online shops can sometimes be very long. However, we recommend that you keep this as short and simple as possible. In addition, they should have a clear structure that speaks for itself. In any case, you should also include the focus keyword within this structure.

Heading Structure

The H1 heading is the most important heading for the reader as well as for Google. It should therefore appear on every page and contain the focus keyword. It also makes sense to include the keywords and their variations in subordinate headings. Beware of keyword stuffing, however.

Amount Of Text

You cannot make a general statement here, because that depends on it. As is so often the case, it helps to just google it. Take a look at the top 3 search results and stick to these text lengths. Based on the top results, you should be able to make your site even better:

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What Is Local SEO? The Complete Guide to Local Search

More and more people are online with their mobile devices and search for local companies in their area. Therefore, companies that offer their products in a typical manner at fixed locations should update their company local SEO in such a way that searchers become aware of them.

The importance of search engine is already shown by the number of users who regularly search for local companies. According to recent surveys, 9 out of 10 online users regularly search for companies in their area.

Never Underestimate The Footer

The footer has now become established to place data such as contact details. For this reason, many users search for this data in the well-known footer. In addition, the Google footer is read out specifically and is therefore an important part of local search engine. Make sure that you include your contact details as well as your location clearly. It is also possible to implement a map.

Pay Attention To Your Opening Times

Displaying incorrect opening times can be a real conversion killer. Always make sure that your opening times in business are up-to-date and correct. Imagine a potential customer looking for a company in your industry, finding you and looking for you. If your company is now closed, they will be very disappointed with the misinformation and will most likely go to the competition. You should also store information for your customers online for holidays or days on which your company is closed.


Include A Company Description

The ability to describe a company is relatively new to online business. Make sure not to simply chain keywords together, but rather write an honest description of your company. Tell what you stand for and what makes your company special.

Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Reviews are an extremely important part of local SEO. Therefore, it is your duty to respond to your reviews. Thank you for positive reviews and respond to opposite reviews in an understanding and solution manner. Potential customers will see that you care about your customers. That gives important sympathy points!

Build Local Backlinks

Link building is also of enormous importance in local SEO. Because local sites are usually smaller than the local or global websites, strong backlinks have a higher impact here. However, it is important that you pay more attention to the relevance of the topic and the local reference than you should already do with regular SEO. In any case, backlinks from local sites make more sense because they can generate new customers. Make sure that you can cooperate with local users and thus gain reach.

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Clipboard With Seo Service Concept. 3d Rendering.

SEO Services: Everything You Need to Know

Improving search engine rankings in such a competitive sector can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a well-developed SEO services. You can get help to set up a SEO service that puts your company in the foreground when searching for key terms. This ultimately leads to more inquiries and higher sales for your business.

A high quality audit is the cornerstone of a successful site promotion. Knowing your current rankings in Google search results, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and the risks of on-page optimization can help you develop a SEO plan. We’ll help you choose the right keywords to boost your link building campaign and advise you on troubleshooting site errors. Explode your chances of landing on Google and winning new paying customers!

Dedicated SEO Dashboard

These days the SEO service is being throttled by fierce competition and corporate rivalries. That’s why your company needs breakthrough solutions to gain the upper hand. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is one of them. It can be easily tuned to your domain and brand, giving you an advanced SEO service for free.

Special Prices For Resellers

As our sales partner, you get SEO services at lower prices. More, let’s say “no” to resale price maintenance so you can complete your sales on your own terms.

SEO Services

White Label Reports

Downloadable PDF can be tailored to your company’s name. Send them out to your customers and let them see and trust your brand.

Personal Care

Get SEO advice and support with campaign management at any time. You do not leave your resellers to their own fate. Search words are translated and transmitted linguistically, the search engines of the target country are observed and suitable translations can be found for the often very specialized search terms from the medical industry in order to increase your search in the long term. As an international language provider, you have to specialize in country-specific requirements.

Keywords Are Distributed In The Text

Sure, nothing works without keywords. After all, you want to be found on Google. But the days when a keyword density of 10 % was still a little too less. Google has become smarter: it recognizes inflections, for example inflected or slightly modified terms and attaches great importance to synonyms. User awareness also plays a major role and the human reader knows what a text is about, even if you do without a lot of keywords.

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Web Development Service For A Career Change

Internet users have grown more than 1.5 billion in the past five years. It is estimated that there will be 1.1 billion more users over the next five years. A custom software development company is in great demand even in the smallest of cities. There has been no better opportunity to learn software, coding and scripting, or rather to be a stack web developer to consider a career change. The growth of web developers is at an all time high and is only rising. Technology has played a significant role in everyone’s life, from the apps to the most innovative developments. Every website app we come across has been created by a web developer. What exactly is web development or the job of a web developer? To the outside world, it may seem like a intimidating elusive area. We’ve put together all of the definitive web development guides as well as everything you need to become a fledged web developer and shed a new light on this fascinating industry.

What Is A Web Developer?

So let’s take a look at what it takes to be a web developer and why you would want to know for yourself what is great about learning to code and luckily, start your career. After reading this blog, you will get better information on how to become a great web developer. The steps outlined here are achievable and proven over the years by several skilled web developers, and you can become one by following them. We’ll go through the basics of web development in depth and show you the key skills needed to get started in the business. If you already know the basics of web developer, you can skip straight to a later part.

web development

Web development includes creating intranet pages and software for a wired system. A web developer is not about designing a page, but rather the scripting and programming that make the site accessible. A web developer is someone who takes the ideas created by a client or development team and codes them and turns them into a page. To do this, they create codes using a number of coding languages. This can cost a lot of effort, as it requires a thorough understanding of the various coding languages and their uses.

Which Path Do You Choose – Front-End Or Back-End Development?

You can get to know both works and be an expert in both frontend and backend creation just need to know more. Individuals with web development experience in the front and back end are classified as stack developers. They are highly valued and companies will hire web developers with very good pay.

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How To Simplify Instagram Management With Tools?

Numerous Instagram tools simplify the management of account profiles as clever tools for companies. We present the most important Instagram tools for companies with which you can get valuable insights into your profile statistics. In addition to Instagram’s own analysis tool, this also includes the other apps. Most of these tools provide extensive insight into the development and success of your profile. Some show their focus in analyzing the posts and followers or in managing the feed. Others, on the other hand, offer exciting search functions for keywords and influencers. You can find out which application costs how much and whether it could be helpful for you in the short tool descriptions.


Later is a management tool for scheduling posts with descriptions. Later users receive detailed reports about their own posts and the engagement of their followers. The growth of your own account can be called up over any time and your own activities can be checked. The free version offers the management of up to 30 posts per month as well as a link with a social media. In the paid version, however, several accounts can be managed with the help of a business strategy, different media libraries can be created and access can be made by several users.



Iconosquare is a well known Instagram tool for accounts and shows reports on many important aspects. These include a temporal overview of the activities, a growth account, the density of the posts and also the engagement of the followers according to time and day. You can also see the success of the hashtags used and receive detailed data about your followers. With Iconosquare you can also manage your own contributions across multiple accounts and plan them in advance. You can interact them with users and publish comments, for example, without leaving the tool. Should your own image run out, Iconosquare offers a media library with quality images that every user can use. In addition, you can search for suitable influencers from related areas and with different numbers of followers.


Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media tools, which is probably due to the diverse functionality with the various systems. This tool offers planning of many different social platforms. For an Instagram account, the history and activities of the posts can be checked with the help of Hootsuite. You also have the chance to manage multiple profiles and organize them in one network. The created posts can be saved and published at different times. In addition, the professional version of Hootsuite creates detailed analyzes and provides insights into user reactions. Companies also have the opportunity to check activities about their brand and search for amounts with specific keywords.

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Impacts On Your Sales In The Facebook Ads

After you’ve started your Facebook advertising campaign, you can manage it and see its impact on your sales in the Facebook Ads. The management of your Facebook ads is the focus of your campaign and can be viewed on both a desktop and phone device.

Tasks and Added Value

Almost everyone with an internet has come into contact with social networks at some point. Writing a post doesn’t actually require any training. But if you want to strategically integrate the Facebook platform into a company, you should do more than post something every now and then. The platforms are developing rapidly, new ones are coming onto the market and the updates that are developing in terms of content on Facebook should also be kept in mind.

Facebook Ads

Focus On Medium-Sized Companies

Facebook has announced that the Facebook Business Suite is available immediately and is specially tailored to the needs of small businesses. The giant is once again presenting itself as a partner to medium-sized companies. In the future, the US based company would always like to focus on the needs of SMEs first in order to enable them to have Facebook management.

Overarching Features At A Glance

Updates: The suite shows all notifications, comments from Facebook on the start page.

Advertising: Individual contributions can be advertised in order to generate target specific reach.

Posts: Posts, images, and other content can be published using the suite and pre-scheduled as needed. You can choose whether content should be posted on Facebook and at the same time whether only one platform should be used.

Analysis: The so-called insights area is dedicated to the analysis of the company’s activities. Here, among other things, the range, the interaction or other indicators can be viewed and analyzed.


The rollout of the Facebook Business Suite is a correct and also an important step towards greater user-friendliness for the company. In the past, it was especially small shops that could not spend enough resources to be sustainably successful on Facebook. It remains to be seen, however, whether Facebook will succeed, for example, in replacing the business manager as the linchpin of the platform management.

Especially in young and smaller companies, the tasks of a social media management mix with those of a marketing, often also called online marketing. That means: Advertising campaigns that are not of an editorial nature but have clear marketing are also adopted. In particular for companies that offer products, new customers should be won or existing customers reactivated. The creation of the advertisements is one of these tasks.

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Competitive Advantage Of Enterprise SEO

How do you develop an enterprise SEO strategy? What are the blocks? We’ll discuss this in this article and on this page using examples. Search optimization is a key competitive advantage. It’s about getting more visitors to the website. In addition, Google is a pull platform. Means: Potential customers are actively looking for a solution to their risk in the search engine. For those responsible in companies, this means: You have to target the website to the keywords – and thus to the customer needs. Usually thousands of search terms are involved. This is an essential part of creating an enterprise SEO.

The SEO Enterprise

It is now clear where the company stands and what potential there is. The strategy is about identifying the plans that will have the greatest impact. We will discuss this using two examples: an online shop for which we have developed a content concept and an online shop for which we have implemented a link. Then we will talk about proper link building.

Implementation Plan

The best enterprise SEO is useless if nobody implements it. Therefore, from our point of view, an implementation plan is always part of it. It’s about defining true measures – also with regard to the budget. And then distribute these tasks.

Which measures can you carry out yourself, when do you need the help of a SEO provider? It is of course difficult to say in general which SEO measures a company can carry out itself and for which the use of an SEO provider or an advertising is recommended. Since it depends, of course, on the one hand on the company size and the market to be served and on the other hand in particular on the expertise of those involved in relation to web development.

But let’s assume a medium-sized company that prefers to offer its strategies or products locally and has no experience in web development. Such a company would probably be able to manage the following points without any problems.

enterprise SEO

Understand Your Customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about how they would search for your product and write down these terms. Feel free to ask people outside of your company how they would look and bring everything together. You can then register for free at adwords and use your list and the keyword planner.

Create Interesting Content And Offer Additional Help

High quality and useful content is the key to good rankings. Depending on the branch of your company, there are various options for publishing content that will help your customers and at the same time help your site to achieve better rankings and more visitors. For example, a blog would be conceivable in which you publish useful texts on the topic of your sector. A kind of knowledge in which you explain certain terms in your industry would also be conceivable, for example. However, you should always pay attention to two things with regard to your content:

If possible, use terms from your previously created keyword list within your texts and concentrate on only one topic if possible. Always write your content for your visitors and not exclusively for the search engine, because such content can often have the opposite effect of good rankings.

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Link Building Services For Financial Reasons

A link is a great vote for a webpage. If a website wasn’t good and relevant, you wouldn’t be linking to it. So you can measure the quality and popularity of a page by its backlinks. That may have been true in the early days of the search operators. In the meantime, however, a site does not want to wait for links to emerge, nor is there enough potential in some industries to be linked, especially B2B, supposedly embarrassing topics, certain aspects. Backlinks are built up diligently, whereby not every agency uses the same link building services. Often it is more about quantity than quality. But it is also about convenience, because as we said, it is not always easy to build valuable links yourself.

A Link Is A Positive Vote For A Site

Overall, however, it still seems that these measures are rarely used by the broad masses. There are different reasons for this: On the one hand, link building is often outsourced to agencies – and there are not always agency-customer constellations in which the agency can or wants to take a role. Therefore, many of the measures for agencies are not only very time-consuming, but even cannot be carried out without the help of the company being supported.

Link Building

On the other hand, a lot is done for financial reasons. As long as you can also buy a backlink, it does not always make sense to obtain it through more measures, the result of which cannot be predicted well. Link building will always be a game of cat and mouse. Many of the strategies that were used years ago are now dead as regular search engines are becoming more smart and can distinguish between good and bad backlinks.

Companies that invest in link building should determine exactly which measures they want and which they don’t. Because link building is also a tactical decision: Do you risk a temporary disadvantage compared to the competition by not using certain strategies? Or do you always have to be at the forefront – with the significantly higher risk of falling out of favor with search engines? Above all, companies must be clear that really good link building is an art that also requires the help of the company. Anything that is regular can or will be recognized by the search engine in the near future.

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Using Instagram Management For Company Success

Over 60% of users inform themselves on social platforms before buying a product. More than 25% shop online at least once a week. Celebrities and influencers had an influence on buying behavior for around 20% of those surveyed. The question of whether a company should use social media platform for its success does not arise. But if you start the Instagram management hazardly, post a picture every now and then out of necessity, and do not interact with your target, it can quickly become frustrating. Time and maybe money are wasted.


With a business account, the account management is expanded by 1 link, this is active and leads to the respective page in the app. As a company, however, it is mandatory to provide an imprint. Social platforms are no exception. So our precious space for self-promotion would be wasted by referring to the imprint.

Contact Option

Here you have the option of entering a phone number. The user can thus seek contact and interact with the company.


Text Formatting And Emojis

You create the biography on an account. Unfortunately, the app offers very little freedom for text formatting, even a line break can be a challenge. Using emojis can be very beneficial in a targeted manner. Messages can be underlined and provide incentives to read the text. Instagram doesn’t offer any fonts to stand out. By using external tools, however, it is possible to use other fonts, simply copy the line and then paste it back into the profile.

How Does Instagram Benefit Businesses?

Instagram is a visual platform. New functions have been gradually introduced and interfaces have been created between the platforms. Instagram is gradually serving the needs of companies and advertisers and now enables not only the placement of ads but also the complete integration of online shops. Products can be marked on the post and sold in the app.

Despite the possibilities offered, it is not a sure-fire success to drive sales to record highs. The integration of Instagram into your own corporate requires a lot of time and patience, and often money. However, if a company is ready to use the potential with preparation and a clear strategy, it will make a good contribution to success. In addition to advertisements in newspapers, advertising posters and advertising, social media accounts are other points of contact between people and brands – so-called touchpoints.

Often one can only speculate whether a customer lets himself be tempted to buy by a poster or tells his friends and acquaintances about it. Likewise, whether the advertising budget was used sensibly and thus could be achieved. A well-founded statement about the success of a campaign or the marketing of a company is difficult or impossible to make.

What Can Instagram Do For Businesses?

Target group: With the help of the insights, a variety of target relevant data can be derived. Age, gender, online times of followers, interactions with posts and content, behavior in stories and much more.

If you combine these findings with those of existing customers, the opinions of employees, friends and family, you get important building blocks for the creation of your business. Training and the social environment are also considered. As a company, the preparation enables to create and publish targeted content, added value and solutions for them.

Awareness Of Your Own Brand

Whether sole proprietorship, local provider, start-up or large corporation: the knowledge of the company’s goals, problems of customers that can solve with products and the right management tools to spread message are therefore in this phase of great importance.

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